Apr 6, 2014

The Truth Hurts

I was reading an article written by Food Babe about the not so whole ingredients in Panera Bread's food choices.  Panera is popular for being a better fast food choice because there are healthier menu items than other options.  There were many things she uncovered that we, the public, believe to be whole food and nutritious.  Personally, I think choosing a salad over a McDonald's Big Mac is a better choice any day but
the point of this article was to bring awareness to the fact that some things are not as natural or organic as we think.

In reality, most of us prefer convenience and we appreciate that the things we eat have some type of shelf life.  I hate buying bread that goes bad in 3 days and, actually, that is way too short of a time frame for bread to go bad but, depending on when it was baked, sometimes it happens.  The great news is that the store I go to has a great return policy and I have brought back the moldy bread in exchange for a fresh new loaf.  Sometimes shit happens and life goes on, it is a good trade off for me.

But others do not readily believe the information that Food Babe provides.  I believe in reducing the amount of crap we put in our body but I think it is unrealistic to fully eliminate it.  I happen to like going to restaurants - which have products that contain chemicals to preserve the shelf life- and if I want to return then I should hope they remain in business.  Which likely means they have to purchase things that last and do not go bad.

In the article Food Babe has written she talks about the long list of ingredients that are found in a multitude of products that are less than healthy.  Definitely less than organic or natural and she prefers not to eat there but I am not suggesting not to eat there.  Just to be aware so that your decisions are informed.  Take a look by clicking here at the things that are processed or preserved for freshness - AKA harsh chemicals in small amounts that, yes, may harm the body with continued use over time.  Quite frankly, some of the stuff listed are also known carcinogens for humans.  (not on their site but separately and even on the FDA's site)

I have noticed more places gearing toward a more natural type menu.  Obviously, like I said above, they need to have some type of shelf life.  That can get costly if products have to be shipped daily and it is also costly just to get because of the preparation involved.  However, we (society) are becoming more aware of the stuff that is in our food product and as a result the companies are listening.  They are bringing out fresher menu ideas with whole or organic foods and even some that are less processed.  Yay!  Less processing equals less filtering the body has to do and that equals less illness, dysfunction, disease and cancer.

What really got to me about this article was that some people were reading it and were just outright rude and disrespectful.  One guy said "f*ck you twat" and others were outraged that they cannot find a fast food place to eat anymore.  The thing is that it is not Food Babe's fault but they were taking it out on her like she was producing false information.  I wonder what benefit she would have in doing that?  What did we do in the old days?  There were no restaurants on every corner and certainly no fast food.  Believe me, I am not suggesting that anybody only eats at home for the rest of their life - even if I did, the stuff we buy at the store is loaded with shit too- I am just saying there is nothing wrong with awareness.  There is no reason to become outraged because she has published information that most of the population is unaware of.

There is no reason to become belligerent and say she is uneducated, especially because most of it is correct.  I say 'most of it' because there are some people who have commented on what type of propylene glycol is used to make anti freeze which is reported to be in the Greek dressing.  I have not done research on this and I see a lot of back and forth about food grade, not food grade and that the toxicity is low but not carcinogenic.  Toxicity being low still equals toxicity.  Hey, I drink from time to time and that is toxic yet I still choose to do it.  I think I have a right to know what toxins I am being served in a delicious meal.  People get angry and say "get your facts straight" and just down right beat each other up.  Truth be told, they are probably the ones who need to get some facts but regardless, no need to be nasty.

Someone made a good point and it is the same one I try to make.  Do the best you can and choose options that fit.  Nobody is perfect. I am not perfect and I am also not telling anybody what to do.  Just bringing facts to the table so maybe we can encourage more health in our products.  Times are not as tough as when we HAD to use preservatives in order to make a piece of meat last a week before it could arrive to where it was being delivered.  Things are much more convenient and quick so there are definitely areas where improvement in the processing can be done.  This means we can have a meat product delivered much quicker, reducing the time it has to spoil which reduces and even eliminates the need for chemicals.

You know where else improvement can be done?  People's attitudes.  Everyone has an opinion and, again, we are all free to make our own choices.  Becoming outraged because the facts were uncovered about foods we believe to be healthy is no reason to create turmoil.  Be polite when making statements and comments.  Is that really so hard?  If Food Babe made a mistake about the anti-freeze product and whether or not it is actually used in a car or elsewhere, then a topic can be brought up on that and it should be civilized.  She works on the side of the people and I do not get the impression she is trying to have any companies shut down but rather to educate the public and possibly get big businesses to change their ways.  She really cares about showing people how to live longer, healthier lives.  Just like I do.  Sometimes uncovering the truth is the painful step to get there.  Check out her page here, you'll see.

Being profitable is important for any business to operate and I think there can be a good balance between profits and health/safety.  I am not picking on Panera and they have a hidden menu that looks quite delicious, although I have not checked out those ingredients.  I do not really eat at Panera that much but I do eat fast food, occasionally, and like I said above, I eat at restaurants.  I buy regular bell peppers which have pesticides because I do not have a garden & do not want to spend $3-$4.00 on one bell pepper.  In exchange, I try to reduce unhealthy things elsewhere.  I pick and choose what is good and what is garbage.  I like that formula better than being in the dark about everything and having no healthier options to balance it out.

Food Babe, keep it up in getting the word out there!  Uncovering the truth may hurt at times but will benefit us in the long run.

What do you think about uncovering the truth even if it hurts?  Post your comments, I want to hear it!

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