Apr 14, 2014

Spaghetti with Kale and Zucchini

I have been craving pasta but we are going on a lake trip in a couple weeks so I want to look good in a bikini which means I do not want to overeat.  I tend to get crazy with pasta because I love it so much!  I decided to still make it but include lots of veggies.

For the Sauce You Need:
1/4 c onion
1/2 c red bell pepper
3/4 zucchini
1.5 c kale
2 cloves garlic
sea salt, black and red pepper* optional
1/2-3/4 jar Newman's Own sauce (I used Sockarooni)
1/4 lb 85% lean beef (or turkey) burger
5 Italian Sausages (I used hot)
Also needed:
Whole Wheat pasta
Parmesan cheese
water for boiling
The more vegetables the better and since they are cooking with the meat they are going to be so flavorful!  You have probably heard me talk about filling up on veggies and if there are tons in your pasta then you will still get full on what appears to be a small amount of food.


To Make:
After washing/chopping veggies put veggies, pressed garlic and sausage in skillet with a few dashes sea salt, then add black and red pepper to taste.  I like the zucchini thick so that it doesn't get soggy during cooking.  At the last minute I added more kale and half a stick of chopped celery.  Why not?!!
After this has had a chance to sautee a few minutes, add the ground burger and a couple more dashes of sea salt, black and red pepper.  Once burger is almost done add the sauce, stir and bring to bubbling.  Reduce to simmer, cover and let it cruise on auto pilot.  We all know that the longer these flavors mingle, the better they taste but I am all about simplicity and time so it is not going to simmer all day!
Many people make their own sauces, which always taste deee-lish, but I am about simplicity and time.  Oh wait, I just said that.  So I guess you get it!  This sauce is so thick and yummy that I am so thankful that Mr. Newman created this just for me.  and you.  :)
Did you know that 2 oz. of pasta is a serving?  Look how cute the pasta looks in the measuring cup.  Cute because it is so small and tiny!  It looks like nothing.

 One of my favorite tips is to measure your food (if you are trying to lose weight) and you will be surprised at how much you are actually eating compared to the serving size.  It looks ridiculous in the bowl!  It was so damn good I had a couple more pieces of zucchini but in the end saved a sh!t load of calories by adding all the veggies. 

About 10 minutes before you are ready to serve then boil the pasta.  I like to recommend boiling what you will eat.  Unless you are like us and we like leftovers so I make enough to have a couple servings of leftovers and take some for lunch.  I just like to avoid making too much pasta because it makes it easier to overeat.

 Do you like pasta with veggies?  Tell me your favorite veggie in pasta.
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  1. This recipe sounds UH-mazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

    1. Welcome, I hope you try it and love it!

  2. Pasta is my Achilles heel!!! Lol. Good job with measuring it and bling up the veggies!!

    1. hahaa, MaryFran, I love how you said 'bling up' with veggies! The kale actually was great because it was loaded with sauce and had a firm consistency that was similar to the ground burger.

  3. That looks very good thanks for sharing.

    1. Suzette, this is a great meal idea and even the rest of the family would like it. I usually try to give myself more of the zucchini so I get more benefit from filling up on the veggies :)

  4. Looks amazing!! Have to try this for my kiddies!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope they like it :)

  5. Looks delish! I've gottan kale in my cropshare box for the past 4 weeks and it always goes to waste because I don't know what to do with it!! I'm going to try this!! And I LOVE pasta too SO maybe I"ll sub spaghetti squash just to keep the carbs low

    1. Kale seems tricky but you could definitely put it in more stuff than what we typically think of. You could also try sautéing it with veggies and eggs as well as shredding it up with regular salads or chopping some up & put it in meatloaf.

  6. Looks delish! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Yum! This looks amazing, definitely going to have to try this out :)