Apr 28, 2014

Poker Run Boat Races and Fun

This weekend we went to Lake Havasu for the Poker Run Boat Races and it was a blast!!  The boats that these people have are absolutely uh-maze-eeeng!  It is called the Poker Run because the drivers of the boats start at one point and race to the next point where they pick up a card.  They race from point to point and pick up another card until the final destination where they play their hand in poker.  Cool huh?  There is a street in Havasu City that shuts down in order to allow these beauties to be on display for all of us to see.  

 You know what is really cool about those 2 boats?  First, they are really fast and next there are multiple seats whereas other speed/race boats only have 2 or 4 seats.  So this means the owner of the boat can have a few friends instead of just a couple.  Also, look how luxurious it is!  It is like a freakin Cadillac with its lush interior and sleek design.  

I have been to the races a few other times so I did not take as many pictures as I normally would have but believe me, there were many other amazing boats.  As we walked along the street we got really hot and parched.  This meant we needed a drink.  Or 2.  Or more!!  So we stopped in to the local watering trough AKA bar and had an enjoyable time.  Those of you Johnny Cash fans will be able to appreciate the next pic.

So I walk into the stall and start laughing my ass off because there is a giant prison toilet labeled (as you can see) 'Folsom Prison'!  Haha!  As I am taking a pic a lady walks in and sees me.  I did not care and I just say to her "I couldn't help it".  Typically I do not take pics of toilets but this was a must do.  I had all of you in mind and I knew I could explain it but a visual is MUCH better.  heehee

The girls and I go grocery shopping so we have food in the house.  We usually have enough food and alcohol to feed an army but we go through it.  All.  If there are left overs it is only the healthy food.  For example, I bought a veggie tray and guess who ate it?  Me.  Nobody else.  I am trying to set a good example people!  Well, and watch what I eat considering alcohol makes a mess of things.  Tomorrow's blog will be about what I did to keep weight management in mind and weight gain at bay.

The  house we rented was a great place and here is the backyard fully equipped with a grill in which I burned our brats & hot dogs.  I could not help it!  The flame was on super max and then when I turned it down it was still on max.  Oh well.  Everyone ate it and did not say a peep.  Oh wait, yes they did.  They asked if I was supposed to cook it on low - which was the courteous way of saying 'you burned that shit!' LOL

On Friday we went out to the lake, hung out, drank, cruised around the lake and drank some more.  While soaking up the sun I shot a mini video of some of the boats parked in this little cove - near another bar.

By the end of Friday I was wway stead!  [Grandma, you might as well skip over this next paragraph!]  So we are back at the house listening to some music on one of those portable speakers.  It is big enough to put out big sound and has to be wheeled around.  Apparently, I decided I wanted to dance in the back yard -which was a way better view than the garage- so I wheel the speaker to the backyard and commence to dancing.... by myself.  After no one came, I wheeled the speaker back to the garage where everyone was actually hanging out.  

Also, I thought I was the only one allowed to put music on because when it got changed I wanted to know "who put this shit on".  Hahaa.  Not in a belligerent way, but in a funny way that drunks do when they entertain their friends.  Intentional entertainment or not, my friends were rolling and recapping it all the next day.

I took some activated charcoal at the end of the night and the room was spinning for a little bit but the next day I was fine.  Thank you charcoal!  BTW, that is NOT the charcoal from your grill in the backyard so DO NOT go outside and eat your charcoal.  It is activated charcoal that you get from the vitamin/supplement isle at the store and can also be used to white your teeth.  Great for soaking up too much alcohol.  Anyway, I was a bit tired Saturday and drank MUUUUCH less.  Even though it was windy and cold, it started to warm up by the end of the day.

We got back Sunday afternoon and relaxed.  That does not happen often but I will tell you, this weekend did me a world of good.  Work has been over the top stressful and the Poker Run Boat Races were a wonderful time!

I gave you the condensed version of the weekend because it was drink, boat, drink, sun, drink, laugh, drink, dance, drink, have fun.  Then drink.  It was a lot more drinking than I am used to and I loved it!  How was your weekend?

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  1. I am amazed that you were able to write so much in the "impaired" condition you said you were! Sounds like you had fun and the paragraph you said not to read, I read over and over again!!! I have had fun in my day but by your age, I was kinda through with the hangovers. Didn't like the feeling but then again, I had you father and uncle to tend to so it was a little different for me. It is a good thing that Kathy can't drink or I might be writing a blog on my adventures - lol Glad to see you are back home safe and sound.

    1. I did not write this while I was wasted OR hungover! LOL. I actually did not even get hung over, probably due to the charcoal soaking up all the extra alcohol. So glad you read it OVER AND OVER!!

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