Apr 16, 2014

Calories burned during Circuit Training and More

I have been doing some different fitness things and I love it!  Building and keeping muscle is totes a great way to keep the metabolism revved and cardio keeps the heart healthy and in shape.  Plus it keeps fat at bay!  In fact, it is pretty impressive the number of calories that can be torched doing certain activities.

Many of you probably already know how much I love to super set my weight training sessions with heavier weights so that I get the maximum benefit in a short period of time.  Lean muscle burns more at resting and, of course, more when being active.  Burn more equals eat more.  This is awesome, right?!!  I think so because I love food.  I mean I LOVE food!  So the more I get to eat the better.

Here are some popular activities that you can do to torch fat from all the areas you hate it the most!  Not that you can spot lose but you can definitely burn fat to shrink it everywhere - which reduces the size in the areas you don't want it.  Well, I guess we never want it anywhere, but you know what I mean.

Take a look at a spin class.  Using the same example of 130 lbs, a person can blast 325 calories in 45 minutes at a moderate intensity.  Combine this with healthy eating and it is sure to lighten up any unwanted pounds.

I typically lift for about 30 minutes which burns about 285 calories.  Not bad considering I rarely do cardio. This is an estimate based on my weight and intensity but can vary from person to person based on their make up.  This estimate does not take anybody's make up into consideration and is only an estimate but works wonders for comparison purposes.

I have been incorporating short Tabata sessions as well which is 4-8 minutes of high intensity workouts with short rest intervals which blasts fat fast.  A terrific idea is to do it in the morning after waking and before eating.  This really boosts the metabolism and gives your day a kick start.

Tabata is said to burn 13.5 calories per minute and I only do 4-8 minutes which is 54-108 calories.  What if a person were to do 20 minutes?  That is 270 calories in just 20 minutes!!!  Who doesn't want to blast that many calories in such a short period of time?  Lots of people do not even want to work out, let alone do it for 30-40 minutes per day.  Which, by the way, is sort of a short workout.  Most individuals are spending 60  minutes or more per day in the gym.

Interval training is another fabulous fat burner, coming in at a whopping 495 calories per hour!!  This is good for coordination as well and we all know that keeping the brain in training helps fight Alzheimer's.  This is based on a 130lb. woman and it does not take body composition into consideration.  Either way, it is still excellent for estimating purposes and if you want to plug in your weight to determine what you burn, click here for the same calculator I used.

Hiking for one hour at moderate intensity torches 465 calories and the really cool thing about this is that it can be done with friends or family, making it leisurely rather than work.  Not to mention that being outdoors is fantastic for the mind AND you could even get a tan!

Boot camp is super popular right now and I have done that- admittedly it was a year ago- and that is some ass-busting shit!!!  Guess what?!  Fitfabcities.com says that just 40 minutes can blaze 400 calories!!  I was ready to throw up a couple times.... hmmmmm..... maybe I should try it again (after the classes I am taking right now).

How about kick boxing?  At Fitfabcities.com you can see that 40 minutes knocks out 500 calories!!  This can double as fitness and self-defense.  Being armed & sexy never hurt anybody :)

What is your favorite workout?  Especially if it doesn't feel like a workout.  PS, check out the beauties at Fitness Blondie's blog hop!
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  1. hiking and trail running are two of my favorite things. and i'm a total bro - BRING ON THE WEIGHTS! the heavier the better.

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I used to run until I injured my knee. Now I am working on strengthening it so I can run again :) In the meantime, LOVE the weights

  2. Now roll all those calorie counts into actually food. "I can walk for 40 minutes or have 10 m&M's" (or whatever!) THAT keeps me from eating sometimes!!!!

    1. When I would use cardio machines I used to equate what I burned to what I had eaten also. It is DEF a motivator. Plus, we have a lake trip coming up and that is motivating too.

  3. I will admit that I don't exercise as much as I should for sure, but when I do, I enjoy hiking too. Especially on a nice...not to hot AZ day. What do you think about Zumba? I have never tried it, but could see how it could be fun for people who love to dance. They probably don't even look at it as exercise.

    1. Zumba burns a TON as well and if you like to dance it doesn't really seem like work. Well, maybe it does at first :)

  4. Crossfit for me, always crossfit. It doesn't get any harder and is a top contender for most calories burned. Of course some days can be more lifting centric but you go three-four times a week. You will surely get your a@ss handed to you. In my personal experience a good crossfit coach will teach you far better form than a bootcamp where it's typically very hurried and the trainer tries to go from person to person correcting form while they work out. That's my personal experience though. Of course even with crossfit (especially with crossfit) you need a good coach. Do your homework, crossfit is not a joke but it's hellish fun!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I checked out cross fit for about a month and I like the strength training it provided for my hams as I am focusing on strengthening those. I did not like the amount of time I was at a class tho. Sometimes it would be 1.5 hours and my days are pretty bz so I like to keep it short. I will likely try it again in the future :)

      True, bootcamps don't have enough man power to teach proper form to each individual on each exercise. Not always a good thing.