Mar 25, 2014

Yesterday and Today's Meals and Food Diary

I did not keep a food diary for a couple days and then remembered again yesterday.  It is not that difficult so why did I forget!!  Oh well.  One of my friend's has some protein shake from Herbalife that she was not using and let me try it out.  I added some fruit and a dash of almond milk.  It was surprisingly delicious.  It is a GREAT substitute for dessert...  yuuum!  It was semi-sweet so if I am having a sweet tooth I will just add a little honey to it.  Otherwise, the banana really countered the tartness from the raspberries. Check out the recipe here.

Yesterday's food diary:

 I made this corned beef and cabbage last Wednesday because it was all over the place for St. Patty's day.  I felt like rather than go out to a restaurant and get it, I'll make it that way I know exactly what is in it.  No hidden butters, oils or high calorie sauces.  It was really quite delicious!  And simple, which is my favorite part of it. 

The BBQ chicken was something else I made and it was also just as simple and flavorful!

 The chicken was made with spicy BBQ sauce and I added crushed red pepper flakes so it had a kick, which I like.  However, I had a couple ounces with my salad for dinner and it really upset my stomach which was strange because I had some the day before and 3 ounces for my morning snack and it did not bother me.  I had already packed my lunch for today and decided I certainly did not want to go through that stomach issue at work.  I unpacked the chicken that was going to be my lunch and took out some pork chops to defrost.  I cooked 2 this morning and had one for breakfast and brought the other for lunch.  Random, huh?  Pork chop for breakfast.  Well, I did not have time to make 2 separate meals before I left for work.  So, pork it was!

Here is today's food diary.  I usually like to use water in my protein shakes but since this protein powder smelled like powdered grossness I decided I better flavor it up with almond milk.  This almond milk has 60 calories per cup and I usually use the one with 30 calories but there was a buy one get one deal and they only had one of the 30 calorie milk.  It is sweetened so it is nice to have every once in a while but I am not used to sweets so I would not want it all the time.

I had the shake and bread before I went to the gym as I was STARVING by the time I got off work.  The plan was to have the shake and call it a day but after the gym I was a tad bit hungry so I had a couple spoonfuls of yogurt mixed with strawberry preserve.  Sugar spikes glucose in the blood and that helps deliver protein to the muscle at a quicker and more effective rate (supposedly) and I had the strawberry preserve instead of honey today.  It was OK but I like the honey better.

I have been lifting heavier, harder and more seriously lately so there better be some damn results soon!

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Does a food diary help you?  Why or why not?

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