Mar 7, 2014


The other day I said I was too tired to talk about my CrossFit experience so I stated I would talk about it the next day.  That was yesterday and I was exhausted.  I have been really tired lately and I am not really sure why but I am always at my best in the morning so while I am drinking my coffee I am doing it!

As you may have read in a previous post I have done CrossFit a couple times now and I like that it makes me sore but I do not like how long it takes.  I have committed to a month of it and have finished week 2.  A couple days ago our WOD was strenuous and I felt like I got a workout.  Some days I feel like we stand around a lot.  I am sure this is because there are so many of us that he is training so I am thankful that he is taking his time to do this for us.  Let me say that even though we stand around more than I am used to, I am still sore so something is working!  :)

I cannot remember all the small things we did leading up to our circuit - wait, it is not called a circuit in CrossFit but at the moment I cannot remember what they call it. The part I do remember is the circuit.  Again, not called a circuit but it is back to back and we are to do our absolute best as it is timed.

10 burpees
20 alternating snatches
200 m run

Repeat 4 times.  Even though it is only 4 exercises it is grueling and I finished in16 min and I think 8 seconds.  I am not really sure if that is good or not but I am the newest there and I finished 4 minutes after the guys and a full circuit before the girls which makes me happy I finished in the middle.

This workout renewed my faith in CrossFit and I felt like maybe I would extend my commitment to 3 days a week instead of 2 or maybe even extend it another month for a total of 2 months instead of one.  Until the next day when our routine was short....dun...dun....duuuunnnn......

The next day I go back we do 4 exercises.  We began with a warm up of double unders (jump rope where the rope goes beneath you twice in one jump) and I could not quite master it.  I am not sure why because the first day I tried it I got it....well, something to work on.  So I did singles and we warmed up then did 100 for time.  Mine was 55 seconds.  Again, not sure if this was good but I was not last so that makes me happy.

Next, we did squats and they are listed on the board like this:
Which means you add weight each rep until you have maxed out.  Last time I maxed at 145 lbs and   this time I was baaaarely able to slightly lift 150lbs... but since it was not fully off the ground it did not count.

From here we did a tabata round of squats alternating with hand stand push ups.  The routine was:
This meant we did 21 reps the first round, 15 reps the 2nd round and 9 reps the last round.  Again, this was for time and I got 5 minutes and I think 9 sec?

I have no idea if this was a good time or not.  I am just happy to be doing something different.  Especially because I have been focusing on strengthening my hammies in hopes of eliminating my knee issues.  So far, my hams are sore every freakin' day and my knees do not hurt.  Additionally, my low back is sore a lot which means that part of my core is being trained.  This is a really good thing as a strong core is crucial.

Perhaps CrossFitters have figured out the trick to helping with knee injuries.  Well, mine at least.  Please, please, please, if you have a knee injury (or any other injury) check with a physician before going and trying something.  I have no idea what each person has going on and it could be different than what I have going on.  Injuries are nothing to mess around with or self-diagnose or get advice from others.

On a different note, how come chics always look so damn cute at the gym and I always look like a hot mess?  geesh!!  I always feel so weird about taking selfies but since everyone is doing it so have I but I always look like a monster!

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