Mar 12, 2014

Weight Discrimination

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I was thinking on my way to work about weight discrimination.  It all started when I read a blog about the weight loss mom who uses the slogan "What's Your Excuse?".  She has been ridiculed a lot for being rude and inappropriate by implying that others should look the way she does. 

My interpretation is that she could just be marketing.  I say this because everything I see on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is negative motivation.  "Healthy, Not Skinny", "A workout is 4% of your day, no excuses" and what about "Don't get mad over the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do".  These are a few examples I can think of, off the top of my head, that are kinda negative.  They are not intended to be offensive and I don't really know if people have been offended by them but I know I have used them, shared them, liked them and I get a pretty positive response.  It is all done in the name of motivation.

I wonder if part of the reason the mom gets so much shit is that she attaches a photo of herself with it.  However, this article talks about how the mom is viewed for bullying others so she is not taken well by others.  I have read that peeps get the impression she is saying others should look like her.  But you know what?  I don't have kids and peeps give me shit by saying "Oh, well, since you don't have kids it is easy for you to have abs".  It used to make me feel really small.  They minimized my efforts and believe me, I busted my ass to get abs!!!  Anyone who has ever focused on abs knows what I am talking about.... it isn't easy.  It took YEARS of work to get em.  Peeps said this to me anytime I was at the lake or pool -anywhere in a swimsuit- so I dreaded being asked "do you have kids?"  Because I knew where they were going with the question.

Then I began to realize I have plenty of friends who have kids and they look great and have abs!  I began pointing them out as examples when I would get that statement.  (if they were there) I was using celebrities as examples as well.  I know that the idea is that since celebrities have money they can afford a trainer and a chef and that is why they bounce back after kids.  Maybe it is.  I also think they have an awful lot of pressure as they are in the public eye.  They are continuously subject to ridicule so in that aspect I feel bad for them.

I am not a celebrity so I don't know.  What I do know is I am not wealthy and I choose to be in shape so I do not have the luxury of expensive trainers and certainly not a damn chef!  I also know what a struggle it is for me because I love food.  I have talked about my weight loss journey but I have not gotten into detail about my addiction to food.  I will have to write a separate blog about that. That means I also realize how difficult it is for others.  I know it may be more difficult for some than it is for others.  It may be more difficult for some than it is for me or more difficult for me than the next person.  We are different in relation to this but no matter what, we are all human. 

With that being said, is it really fair or right that a smaller person gets ridiculed?  I don't think so.  I know it is discrimination to make a larger person feel bad about themselves.  I also know that it happens and that, as a whole, society is working to stop that from happening.  I have read blogs about the nasty things people say to overweight individuals and it is NOT right.  So what makes it right to say that to smaller people?  Are they supposed to have thicker skin?  I read a blog where someone just reamed this girl and said she was LUCKY for having good genes and she was fortunate enough to be in shape.  True, genes dictates if we are naturally skinny or naturally gain weight easily but that does not determine our entire future.  It just means we have to work harder to achieve our goals with whatever we are born with. 

Lucky is if someone has the eye color we wish we had or straight or curly hair we wish we had.  I wish I had thicker hair so I think those who have thicker hair are lucky.  These things we have absolutely NO control over with the exception of getting contacts or specific hair styles.  It is inappropriate to belittle each other no matter what our size or appearance!!

The saying "Healthy not Skinny" is saying that nobody is suggesting to be skinny.  Skinny is not always healthy but what about the people who are skinny?  Is it possible that this statement is offensive to them?  Believe it or not, some people do not like being skinny.  I have talked to many people who say 'I just wish I could gain weight' and no matter what they eat they are still skinny.  Many of us look at that like a luxury but they do not.

What about body building women?  Those women continuously have comments made such as "they are so manly".  Everyone has a right to their own opinion but it is only deemed wrong in certain situations and I think we should all be entitled to our opinions and I also think each of us deserve dignity and respect no matter what our size or appearance. 

I understand what it is like to gain weight.  It may not be to the same level as others so in that manner I cannot relate but it does not remove relevance.  I can relate to being discriminated against and who stood up for me?  Or the other women who work hard for what they have?

I do not have a lot of followers on my blog right now but what if I did?  Would it be appropriate for mean and nasty comments about my size and weight?  I don't think so.  Sometimes my eyes cross, would it be appropriate to make fun of that?  Probably not but I am sure it will happen. 

All I am saying is: be kind to each other.  There is no need to assume that someone has great genes and are lucky.  Each of us has to go through our own battles and tribulations.  None of us has the right to judge one another.  It is hurtful and mean.  I like being positive and uplifting to each other.  Encourage each other to do well!!  Avoid weight discrimination whether it is in reference to a large or small person.

I know weight discrimination happens to plus size individuals.  Do you think weight discrimination happens toward smaller people?  Post your comments, I would like to hear them.

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  1. This was a great article and I love how covered of both sides. It is really dumb of how people said to you, that you only have the body you do because you don't have is cuz you have worked your butt off to get and maintain it. I can tell that you are really passionate about this subject, that is great.

    1. Thanks Suzette. I always just let it go because I never wanted to offend anyone by pointing it out. However, I have seen a lot of it lately (towards others) and it seems like it is acceptable but it really isn't nice.

      I am extremely passionate and all I want is to motivate others to achieve their goals!