Mar 31, 2014

Weekend Recap at The Pointe

My weekend was pretty low key and uh-maze-eeeng!!  The only thing that could have been better was if I had gone hiking.  Friday I got off work early for employee appreciation.  Let me just add that I love where I work!  They are wonderful!

So I got in my gym time, I worked shoulders and those are typically my 'weak' spot so I have been really try to grow them and give them a bit more shape.  I kicked their ass!  teeheee.  Afterward I did a little marketing and then the bf and I went to have a couple drinks at The Pointe.

The first thing we see when we head out to the patio is an amazing waterfall encompassed by a gazebo and the beautiful AZ sunset in the background.  We found a lovely place to enjoy our time which was near some pretty flowers and more scenic mountains.  What a great place to spend the evening!

There was a group there on holiday and one of the lady's was quite pleasant and fun.  Sometimes we have people who automatically assume we are tattooed hoodlums and do not always receive the warmest of welcomes but this lady was quite friendly and clearly knew we are not pieces of trashy garbage.  duuuh!!!

Actually, you will find we both have great personalities and like to goof off and have a little fun....who'd have thought?  There's a weird thing with growing up that means I drink less and like it more. (the not drinking part) Don't get me wrong, I certainly love a drink or 2 or 3 or 10 but I just can't take it the way I used to. I could drink all day and all night then get up the next morning and do it again. Then go back to work on Monday and be just fine. hmmmph.... not anymore.
I guess that is part of creating bigger goals for myself than I had before.  I used to be content with being a weekend warrior.  And what a weekend warrior I was!!  Drink and dance Friday night, Saturday night and then Sunday Funday.  Plus, whatever 3 day weekends we had.  I love living an active lifestyle but 'active' was all drinking and then working out to make up for it during the week.  Who am I kidding?  I still miss that sometimes :)

This was a side view of the fire just behind the bush so it kinda makes the bush appear like it is glowing.

After we left here we went home and watched The Hobbit, which is something the bf never wanted to watch but when he realized it is action packed and quite entertaining, he was OK with it. 

Saturday was errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and all that stuff that I wish I had a personal assistant for.  Then I had to spend some time learning business stuff and we watched the rest of the Hobbit.  Sunday was all work-related stuff in reference to marketing and branding.  I also wrote a great blog about healthy foods and weight gain

Plus, of course the gym.  The weekend was highly productive and I am super excited about it.  I keep learning new things all the time and learning allows me to grow and become better and better!  I guess I kinda like this 'big goal' thing.

I cannot forget that I made the fish and bean recipe I found on Katy's blog.  I did not drain the beans or tomatoes so it was more like a soup.  UH-MAZE-EEEENG!!!

How was your weekend?  What goals are you working on?

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  1. WOW! sounds like a fun weekend. I loved the Pointe when we used to go there. I am glad you like going to the finer places. Always have fun!

    1. It was nice and we will likely have business meetings there as well.