Mar 24, 2014

Weekend Hike and Tid Bits

Last weekend was not very productive after drinking at The Talking Stick.  This weekend, oh yaaaa.  My brother and I started out with a short hike Saturday morning and it was great!  I love being outdoors and the weather was phenomenal.  We both had prior engagements at 2p so we could not make it a long one but decided we would come back for a longer hike next time.  Maybe ride beach cruisers next weekend as well.  What a great way to squeeze in family time and activity!

We found some mini sculptures made of rock which I thought were pretty cool.  Apparently some hikers took some time to create beautiful scenery for the rest of us.  :) 

We are doing the Walking Challenge at work so this is helping me get my daily steps up for the contest.  The only thing that sux about dirt trails, for me, is that my allergies started bugging about 30 minutes in.  My brother and I were both sniffling and hiking.... not fun but we overlooked that part.  A few hours later my nose was soooo stuffy.  And it has been stuffy on and off since then... boooo.

After the hike I did some grocery shopping and went to meet up with my friend, Tara.  I have not seen her in a while and she is a personal trainer as well as a group fitness instructor.  She was meeting with me to give me info about instructing fitness classes.  I think it would be so awesome to instruct fitness classes and since she already does it I figured she is a great person to go to. 

She was telling me about a fitness show she will be doing in a few months and suggested I do one as well.  I have tossed the idea around for years and I decided not to years ago because I had to cut out drinking for 12 weeks which was absolutely unheard of!  LOL.  But now I drink 1 or 2x a month so cutting that out would be easy.  But now my job is demanding and the cutting down would make my brain mush.  I cannot afford mistakes at work.  I am not really sure what to do.  Decisions, decisions.  (sigh) I think it would be fun and it would also be a huge accomplishment.  But, I not sure my life allows it right now.

Saturday night we went to dinner and watched a movie.  I had a glass of wine, part of a steak, sauteed green beans and a few bites of green chili mac & cheese.  I do not usually eat mac n cheese but it was OK.  I will not be ordering it again.... it was not worth the calories.  The steak was DEFINITELY worth the calories!  Aaaand I had leftovers... I am so lucky!  (wink)

I returned my FitBit Flex because it stopped working about 2 weeks ago and I only had it for about 2weeks at the time it stopped working.  I was thinking about getting the Polar Loop because it can hook up with the chest strap for intense workouts.  I have been doing some research on all the wrist worn products and have found that the FitBit Flex was one of the top ones.  I liked it but since it stopped working I am not confident I will find something worth what they cost.

My weekend was a bit slower but still busy, busy, bz.  I am new to the funday Monday link up and it seems really cool.  Hosts are:  Molly @ still being [molly], Carly @ Lipgloss & Crayons and their guest host Angela.  They all have really cool blogs!

What did you do with your weekend?  What about opinions on doing a show?

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  1. Your hike sounded fun...except for the allergies! I was lucky enough to get outside and active for quite a bit this weekend! yay!!!!

    1. It was awesome! We plan to return soon and we joked that we would wear a bandana over our faces :)

  2. Looks like you had fun....the weather is perfect for hiking now. That will help with the work challenge I saw you had going on too.

    1. Heck ya! it was more of a leisurely hike this time and sometimes that is important as well. We talked about doing another one that is both strenuous and beautiful.

      You saw the Walking Challenge post! Yes, this hike really helped with that!