Mar 8, 2014

Walking Challenge

At work we are doing a Walking Challenge to help promote getting and staying active.  Health is such an important aspect of my life that I joined the Wellness Committee to create awareness and participate in implementing new programs to benefit everyone in the company.  It is a program that my company recently started and I look to grow it to produce great health for those who choose it!

Previously, we had a health coach that came in and would assist with nutrition questions but that program went away due to not enough participants.  I think it was lack of awareness because there were not that many people who knew about it but when I brought it up people seemed excited to have it.  There was a yoga class being offered and my friend told me there was only one person in the class.  You can probably guess that went away too.  It does not make sense to facilitate programs or activities that have little or no following.  In order to create a big enough following to continue with any program, wellness or otherwise, it must be promoted so people actually know about it.

I will be the first to say I did not even know these 2 things existed and when I began talking to others about it, they did not know either.  So when we began promoting this Walking Challenge I wanted it to be known and really get out there.  We have a method of 'spreading the word' that is sorta ineffective so I decided to send out emails and promote it.  I had it sent floor-wide and then I sent the same email to another location where it was sent across that entire location.  It has spread like wild fire and there are tons of participants!

We are giving each walker a pedometer to keep and have encouraged people to form teams where they get to create their own unique team name.  We have some challenges along the way that are incentivized... you guessed it, PRIZES!!  Who doesn't love prizes???!!!  Who doesn't love WINNING?

I started passing out pedometers yesterday and we are already out.  One of the committee members began yesterday but I was working remotely and was not in the office so some were passed out Thursday as well.  Either way, we are having more delivered Monday.  This is when the challenge begins but there are more pedometers coming for them to track with.

I am so excited!!  What a great way to get people moving and active?  Walking is easy and we have to do it anyway so merely increasing the amount walked per day should be cake.  Side effect: get healthier and lose weight.  My goal is to increase my cardio conditioning.  My stamina picked up quickly after my hiatus from the gym and I would like to extend that even further so this is a great motivator for me.

Since we are having such a great turn out from this, my hope is to continue growing the awareness and promoting overall health and wellness.  As we know, people who are healthy get sick less often and call in to work less.  Morale is better which is wonderful for the work environment.  Let's face it, we are with our coworkers more than our loved ones so we need to get along, right?

With continued promoting I would like to incorporate onsite fitness classes, weight loss challenges and more!  I would love nothing more than to be involved in that at a corporate level!  My all time favorite job was working at Jenny Craig because I was rewarded daily with seeing the results people would achieve.  The happiness their success brought them was outstanding.  My clients were the greatest!  I love them!  I would be soooo excited and soooo happy if I could remain at my current company and change my full time position into fitness.  Oh yeaaah!

It is still in the beginning stages as the Wellness Committee just formed a short while ago and this is our first challenge.  I can see it is already a success and hope that it opens more doors to bring back health coaches and yoga classes plus add much more.

I clicked on this link today and it talked about walking being free and a great way to improve overall health.  It is a short read and you will be happy to know walking can reduce heart problems.

The weather is fabulous at 72 degrees so I went for a hike and it took me 30 minutes to reach the top.  I ran down and finished in 10 minutes!  Wahoo!!  It is a beautiful day and the trail I took today is not as scenic as some others but it is still a great way to unwind and decompress.

I would like to challenge you to join in!!  Do you hike?  What do you think about promoting a Walking Challenge amongst co-workers?

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  1. WOW! I am so proud of you for doing this. I know you always loved Jenny Craig and you are good at helping people. Good for you. Love, Grammy

    1. Thanks! I am so excited that there are so many people who are interested. I have been learning more and more little things that small groups are doing amongst themselves and my goal is to make it company wide so that more and more individuals can become involved and feel like they are part of a group.

      Besides, there are always good things that happen in reference to results! Not to mention meeting new people with common goals :)

  2. That is absolutely awesome that you are helping challenge people to get moving!

    1. Hi Merry, I am beside myself with joy that this challenge is going on. It is such a simple thing and the rewards are huge. First, people love competition so it gets them active with each other and next it gets them healthy and I get to see it all!! :)