Mar 19, 2014

Unfashionable. Sorry Not Sorry!

Lots of bloggers are into fitness and fashion.  Me, I'm into fitness and I am not that fashionable.  I still like to keep my appearance up but I don't have the first clue on how to put together awesome accessories that match my belt, shoes or earrings.  I just keep it simple and hope it works out!

Lately, I have put even less effort into it.  I used to accessorize with rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and stuff.  Now, I have to remember rings and bracelets.  Styles change but I cannot always keep up.  You know what I am having a hard time with right now?  Claw-like finger nails.  Can't do it.  I have thought about it, seriously thought about it and I thought I could try it then if I don't like it I can change it.  I cannot bring myself to do it to determine if I like it on me.  I think I will have to wait a little longer on this style before I try it.

How about the neon colored ray bans?  I was not a super fan of them in the 80s and not a super fan now.  Neon colors, I like that.  I used to love the high waist shorts and pants with the crop tops to go with it.  But, I have a bigger lower body and feel like this style accentuates my thighs and ass.... no thanks.  So, I stick with my low waist pants and shorts.  I do wear some splashes of neon... not tons, but splashes.  Especially my gym shoes.  I love those in neon.  hmmmm..... sounds like I am getting old with all this crap.

It reminds me of when I was in high school and I used to see older people (by older I mean like mid 20s and up) and they did not know what the hell they were doing with fashion because they were still wearing the same old tired stuff they wore in high school.  Grandpas in their golf pants??!  Pfssshhh..... they were the ultimate fashion no-nos.  I could not understand it.

But, I am still wearing my studded belt, low rise pants, no crop tops and square tipped nails.  Although, I am past the age for crop tops to be appropriate anymore.  What about my tattoos?!!!!!  Some people in the blogger community are probably horrified to see someone, like me, all inked up.  Although, there are TONS of people in the younger generation with them.  Matter of fact, all generations have them and they are increasingly popular.  But I have not found anyone in the blogger community who has as much as I do.

It makes me wonder how I am perceived.  I am outgoing and fun, a little rough around the edges and respectful.  I am very responsible (not a characteristic typically thought of for peeps w/tats) and have a great career with a positive outlook on life.  I like to drink a little (except last weekend which was a LOT) and I am working on building a fitness brand for myself.  I guess since I am so busy it makes it OK that I am sorta unfashionable!!  heheee

One more thing you should know about me.  I cuss like a sailor.... I mean a lady sailor.  Does that even exist?  I keep it professional at work, meetings & first time introductions but otherwise I have a potty mouth.  I keep my blogs fairly clean but it comes naturally to me so I have to remove a few words here & there.  Heheee :)

What are your thoughts on fashion?

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  1. Fashion??? What's that?????? I have no fashion sense and can't be bothered! I do love jewelry though!