Mar 23, 2014

Talking Stick Fun and Drinking


Last weekend I had a lot of fun!  We went to the pool at the Talking Stick... I think it is "Resort" but, honestly, I do not find it very resort-like so I am not really sure.  We hung out by the pool and had a couple drinks.  It was relaxing, quiet and windy.  Towels were flying, chairs were sliding and the umbrellas were knocking people into the pool.  Haha!!  (that actually happened)

My bf called one of my very good friends, Devon, to come surprise me as I have not seen him in about 2 years.  We used to live near each other and hung out all the time.  Life  has gotten in the way and I live closer to work which is further from Scottsdale.  (where we used to hang out)  Then I was in school which meant I did not go out much anyway and when I did it was in a different part of town.  I was very excited he came and as we were getting pics together he picks me up for our perfect pose.  My bf kept stalling on taking the pic and Devon's telling him to hurry up cuz I was getting heavy.  It was just funny because they like to mess with each other.

 The joke is cuz my bf is big and they like to pretend Devon kicks his *ass!   :)  Boys will be boys

This is my Popeye imitation.  Do I look like him?

I used to go out a lot on the weekends and now I go out much less so when I do it is certainly fun but I am sluggish the next few days.  The next day we laid around watching movies and doing nothing.  I had to show you a demo of what the kitchen looks like as a result of being l-a-z-y!!

Follow my blog for health and fitness plus little in between tid bits!!  My weekend was fun but non-productive.  Do you have weekends like that?

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