Mar 13, 2014

Swimsuit and Weight Gain

It IS swimsuit season here and we are going to the pool this weekend so you know what that means...... getting into that bikini.  I have been doing crossfit a couple days a week and then the regular gym the other couple days a week.  We have been doing the walking challenge at work so I have been walking more too, plus a hike last weekend.... maybe one this weekend before the pool, we'll see. 

With all of this hard work I would have liked to have dropped a little body fat.  Considering I did not work out for a few weeks a couple months ago, I just want to lose what I gained.  That is not asking much, right?  I have been working hard at it.  Incorporating 4 minute daily (almost daily) Tabata sessions on top of what I already do.  What kind of results do you think I got?  If you said 'gained weight' you are right!  So I am thinking "WTH"?  Maybe it is muscle and it seems like some of the dimply look (my fav) is reduced in the thigh area but it is still there.  Matter of fact, with as much work as I have been putting in, it should be GONE!!!!

Nope, still there.  Then I realize:  Sunday I ate too much for my cheat meal - or treat meal (whatever you like calling it) - like waaaay too much.  Then I even had a little dessert and that counts.... and not in a good way.  Oh ya, then I remember the bf bought Girl Scout cookies cuz this little girl was quite the sales person!  She told him "5 boxes for $25.00 or you could just donate the rest for the troops who are fighting for our freedom and dying over in Afghanistan".  WOW!!!  What a great point/pitch.... I guess it could be considered both.  hahaa

Not that I have been eating shit loads of cookies but I have had 1 or 2 a day and those little suckers add up.  Matter of fact, 3 cookies contains 180 calories.  WTF!!!!  Have you seen how small those things are?  That is 60 calories per cookie.   I have to weigh my options here.  Tiny cookie that lasts 30 seconds vs swimsuit that will be on 4 hours or more.  Too bad I did not think of that when I was eating it!  LOL

Anyway, I have been eating extremely light at dinner only to find myself starving before bed.  I don't know about you but I cannot sleep on an empty stomach.  You know, all that crazy growling gets noisy.  So, in order to be able to sleep I gotta eat a little.  But I am so hungry that a little won't do and I eat a little more.  My personal preference is to avoid eating within the last 3 hours before bed and if I do eat within that time I can tell the next day.  Which means that is part of the problem over the last couple of days.

Point of all this?  I was forgetting the small little bites of things here and there.  I do not usually need a food diary every day but I do have an addictive personality and if I am not careful, food is my addiction.  I do not mind having outlets and my current one is marketing, blogging and fitness.  These things eat up my time so I am not so busy thinking about food all the time.  Well, I sorta do still think about food all the time but it is in reference to food prep and not the unhealthy way I used to think about it.  Either way, I still have a tendency to be unhealthy with my eating habits if I am not careful.

Next thing I realize: burning more calories makes a person hungry faster.  When people eat after working out they tend to consume more than they normally would which can equal more than was actually burned.  I do not really want to believe that is what happened.  I would really prefer to blame it on something else, anything, I don't know... my thyroid or something.  Or my bf for eating this crap in front of me all the time!!  Reality?  I probably do not have a defective thyroid and my bf's eating habits do not need to be my eating habits.  (Admittedly, it does make it difficult to eat right)

I took pics of my meal prep a couple days ago but, like I said, forgot about the stupid girl scout cookies or few bites of the bf's potato chips.  So, back to the food diary.  I wrote down everything I ate today and I made sure that dinner was enough to count as a meal yet small enough to deplete some calories for today.  This way I am not hungry before bed and I accomplish my damn goal:  feel good in a swimsuit this weekend!  I will write down everything I eat tomorrow as well.  I have already noticed what I didn't eat today just because I did not want to see it on my food diary!

PS, I did not eat everything I pictured in this blog in one day!  The 2nd eggs pic is from today.

Each of us notices little things with our own body when we make changes.  What kind of things do you notice?  What kind of tricks do you use?
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