Mar 5, 2014

Props to the Hump Day Blog Hop

I finished cross fit and I am pretty tired but I stumbled across the Hump Day Blog Hop on Fitness Blondie's blog.  I have seen it before but my blog was created by a 5 yr old (me) and I was not ready for peeps to come visit with it looking so primitive.  I really want to join some blogger communities.  Especially ones with such awesome people like the ones Liz is associated with.

 So I get to work on my blog.  Well, not being a techy person made it kinda difficult.  I work full time, go to the gym, food prep, blah blah blah..... I could spend a few hours figuring out how to do it on my own-which would be highly rewarding because I could brag about doing it myself.  OOOOOORRRRR.... I could opt for the better option and have someone do it for me.  I hired a service to do it.  It is still content and my ideas but I did not complete the layout.  This I have to give credit to Debbi Navarro, thanks Debbi.

I come across the Hump Day Blog Hop and I think "I FOUND IT, YAAAAY" .  But I am tired.  I don't really feel like doing it right now.  Problem is, tomorrow is  longer hump day.  Whatever.  I guess that means I better do it now.  You know the saying "there's no time like the present".  Besides, I will be glad I did it once I am done.

In the meantime there are a few rules.  One of them being you must include the camel photo and you must follow the co-host, Jordan @ All The Small Things!   Which makes me realize my "follow" button is gone.  What if every single person who now sees my  blog wants to follow me?  Now they can't.  So I message Debbie to find out where it went.  Cuz, you know, I already have a million and one followers since I started my blog.  hahaa  :)  To all my new friends:  I hope to get this restored soon- or maybe it is and it is in a new place.  (I'm tired)

In the meantime I need to bust out a blog to squeeze in this camel.  I see a code that looks like I am supposed to copy/paste... which I do.  Nothing.  Yes, I put it in under "html" but still nothing.  I had this same problem a blog or 2 ago with something I wanted to embed.  Probably user error.  Moving on.

I decide to at least enter the photo, even though I do not think I did it correctly.  This, I will have to work on because I want to do it correctly.  Friends:  if I did it improperly, I am sorry. I am new.

This amazing camel is from Fitness Blondie's site, whose blog I really love.  Tomorrow I will tell you about the WOD.  Plus, I have been really thinking about writing about "natural" flavorings.... you will be highly surprised about what it actually is.  (unless you already know)  Today, I get ready to go to bed early.

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  1. You are so sweet girl. You don't have to mention to the blog hop, I just ask that the button is displayed somewhere with a link back. You are so awesome. Can't wait to watch your blog grow.

    1. Well, my creative juices were not flowing on a new topic so what better topic than the blog hop itself :)

      I think I did it wrong. There is supposed to be a "button" to link back but I cannot figure it out. If you c this comment, could you please tell me how to get the button to link back?