Mar 29, 2014

Dessert Smoothie... this is the last one, I Promise..... Maybe?

A couple days ago I made a protein smoothie with peaches and apples that was so damn good it was like a dessert.  It had the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with the exact right texture and thickness.  I like
my protein shakes and smoothies to be thick enough to spoon out because it makes me feel like I am eating ice-cream.  It is a great way to trick myself out of having any other kind of sweet nonsense.

Funny about the sweet 'nonsense' is that I never had a sweet tooth.  At family get togethers, holidays, work events or whatever the occasion, I never opted for the sweet portion of the food items.  Sweets were never a big deal to me and everyone used to say I was so lucky that I didn't crave that crap.  I did not really understand the big deal.  Now I do.  I crave the crap just like anyone else and if there is dessert at an event or holiday, damn right I'm gonna eat it!!!  I  have always believed in indulging and answering a craving when it comes.  Of course, that has to be done in moderation to avoid extra poundage that nobody wants but it is important to eat the things we like.  This way we don't go hog wild one day! 

Back to this delectable treat.  I used raspberries the day before and they are a bit tart in a sweet kind of way but it was not bad because I was using the original Almond Milk, which is sweeter, but I like peaches better and I happened to have some.  I created this shake that also acted as a meal replacement and a dessert that made it feel like I was not replacing a meal AT ALL.  It felt like I was having dessert for dinner.  Sometimes that is a must (dessert for dinner.... or breakfast... whatever -don't judge) every once in a while.  It brings out the inner kid and since we are adults in charge of our own life we can do whatever we want.  Even if it means having dessert for dinner.  Or making yourself think you are having dessert for dinner.  Hahaa.

Oooohhhh so good.  The recipe is simple (as always) and full of flavor.


1/2-1c cup frozen peaches
1 Apple (I used Red Delicious)
3 scoops vanilla protein (you can use whatever the serving size indicates but I used extra)
3/4 cup Almond Milk (original)
a few shakes of cinnamon


Add all ingredients to blender and blend well.  Serve.  I did not use ice as the peaches were frozen and I hate head freeze, or neck freeze- whatever you like to call it.  Plus, I refrigerate my apples so those were cold along with the almond milk.  It was thick enough to spoon out, it was absolute heaven and I already knew I was gonna have it the next day.

Fast forward to the next day (Friday) and I decided I am going to make it more dessert-like.  I am out of original almond milk and have unsweetened, which is the kind I normally use, so I knew it was not going to be as sweet.  Hmmmm..... what can I do to make this a dessert yet meet some nutritional value for me?

I know!!  Add whip cream and a few sprinkles of chocolate.  Both of which I do not have so we made a special trip to the store to get it.  I get the whip cream and dark chocolate covered strawberries.

I used the same recipe as above except I used half an apple and 2 scoops of protein to cut down those calories since I will be adding calories with the whip cream and chocolate. 

This one was not as good as the one I had Thursday.  I bet it was the milk.  It really makes a difference going from original to unsweetened.  Sugar: 1 point.  Me: 0.   Wah Wah.  Goes to show why sugar wins in everyone's life.... it just tastes so damn good!

J/K!!  It was still good and, honestly, I thought the whip cream was going to make it over the top good but it really did not.  Same with the chocolate, it just was not the same without the original almond milk.  Just seeing the beautiful picture of my imaginary masterpiece was reward enough to feel like it was dessert.

I have had smoothies 3 days in a row and I do not want to kill you with days and days of protein shakes and smoothies so I won't post about them for a few days.  Unless I have one that I just KNOW you will appreciate and want to see :)

Grandma, this may be something you could try to help with your sweet cravings too.  Let me know if you want to try it.

Tell me about your favorite smoothie or protein shake.  I love hearing about them!

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  1. I wouldn't mind trying it except for the protein - not sure what that does for you and if it is needed in this shake. Is there an alternative for the protein or is it part of this shake. Don't ask why about the protein because I don't know the answer.It would be something different for me.

    1. Protein is not a requirement but it will help make you feel full longer. I may do some breakfast smoothies with just fruits and veggies over the next couple of days. I will share those so that you can decide what you like better.