Mar 28, 2014

Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

I made corned beef and cabbage a couple days after St. Patty's Day and I had not planned on posting the recipe because it was so simple and I figured everyone probably already knows how.  But I decided I will post it anyway because I like to share the simple pleasures in life :)

I had been craving sandwiches and I saw sliced corned beef on sale, then I saw a corned beef roast.  I thought what a great idea!  I can have sandwiches and jump on the wagon with everyone else and make some corned beef AND cabbage.  Yeehaw!  It gives me an opportunity to get in my veggies with the roast and that always makes me feel good.  Loooove veggies.  If you have seen my recipes, you know the stuff I make is super simple.  I am no chef and certainly not a gourmet chef so it is easier for me to post this after all the gourmet recipes have died down ;)  Despite not being a chef the food is still the sh!t. 


Corned beef roast - I cheated and bought the one with seasoning in a bag
1 head cabbage
1 small-medium onion
4 medium sized carrots
5-7 small red potatoes
3 cloves garlic
a few dashes of sea salt
cracked pepper
red pepper (optional)


Preheat oven to 325
wash/rinse/chop all veggies
Place meat in roaster, fat side down
Arrange veggies around it and sprinkle the seasonings and garlic throughout
Put the packaged seasonings on the corned beef.
Bake 1 hour per pound or until done.  I ended up taking mine out about 30 minutes early.   Let rest 15 minutes and serve.

I had a few potatoes underneath the meat and they ended up being so tender and flavorful.  I have a tendency to get crazy with really delicious food so I had to be sure to eat human size portions!  The cool thing about this meat is that it is not fatty.  Sometimes I like fatty meats because they create better flavors for the surrounding vegetables but the flavor still leaked into the veggies and it was lean, tender and moist.

How can you go wrong with flavorful meat that is still lean AND moist?  Usually lean and moist do not go in the same sentence when referring to meat but this corned beef really does and I was pleasantly surprised.  I hate tough meat.  JS... wait, that kinda sounded funny, didn't it?  LOL

With the leftovers we had it in our eggs.  Sounds kinda strange?  Nope!  It was fantastic!

Matter of fact, I really would like to get another one and have that but I think I will, first, try a recipe that I found on another bloggers page.  It is fish with white beans and tomatoes and it is almost like a soup.  The recipe is so simple and I like the idea of soup-like foods with fish.  Check it out here

I have been consistently keeping a food diary to get my weight back in check.  Only a couple pounds but it is important, for maintenance purposes, to be aware.  I am taking action and you can see a couple days worth of my food diary here.  

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  1. Yay for being consistent with your food journal! :-)

    1. Thanks! it really helps bring awareness back to how much my eating habits have become a bit lazy.