Mar 14, 2014

2 workouts: 1 day= TIRED

Yesterday I went to the gym and worked back and chest then directly after I went to CrossFit.  Fun, right?  I am on a quest to fit into this stupid swimsuit that the bottoms are too small and I figure if I can shape up they will be OK.  In the back of my mind I know that my butt is big and round and was NEVER intended to fit into a size small.  (gasp) always wear medium or large size bottoms but there was a mix up when I ordered this suit and it is too late to return it.  I absolutely love it so I want to make it work.  But I don't think it's realistic (sigh) and it is more wishful thinking.

So I worked chest and bis but I did not get to crazy on the chest because in CrossFit we tend to do a lot of push ups, burpees and other things that target the chest area.  At the gym I did the follow exercises:

incline chest fly
bicep curls w/straight bar
hammer curls
bicep curls w/high pulley
chest fly with high pulley
mountain climber on upside down bosu ball
pike on stability ball

From there I went directly to my neighbor's house to do Crossfit where we did this:

back extensions 5 reps then increase weight and do 5 reps until max
kettle bell snatches

alternate for time doing 10 each, then repeat 3x:
knees to elbows (hanging from bar)
kettle bell snatches

Knees to elbows are something I thought I could do no problem because the movement is to bring your knees up to your elbows while hanging from the bar.  Since my core is very strong I assumed I could knock it out......nope.  Can't do it.  I can bring my knees up to about my chest area but yesterday they showed me a different way of doing it that helped improve what I was doing.

In the gym, doing the Roman Chair you keep  your knees together whether it is a knee tuck or a straight leg extension but in crossfit you have your knees spread as they are lifted and for whatever reason I was able to get them almost to my elbows.  Although, I was only able to do that a couple times and each rep got weaker and weaker so I was further and further from my elbows.  Hahaa.

I do not usually wear gloves but I have learned that is a must when doing some of these things.  Especially when hanging from the bar or rings.  Even with gloves my hands still hurt like crazy and I have mini calluses forming.  Yaaaay, calluses!  HAA

I forgot to mention that I did 2 Tabata sessions at 4 minutes each during my lunch break.  They were not vigorous as I am sore from kickball and crossfit on Wednesday but I did it.  Today will be Tabata in the AM and lunch then gym, no crossfit. 

What do you plan to do for your workout today?

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  1. Replies
    1. (giggle) that sounds like a very pleasant day!

  2. I have heard of crossfit and that is very hard, but what is Tabata?

    1. Tabata is the name of a scientist who discovered that high intensity interval workouts are great for fat burning. It was something that many already knew about but he did the research on it and named the high intensity interval workouts as such.

      Typically, it is 4 exercises done at 20 seconds each with a 10 second rest in between. Then you repeat so the circuit is done twice. Since it is short it does not take up much of a person's day but it is HIGHLY productive.

  3. Hmmm...I will have to look that up. Also it sounds line a good workout for someone who is on a time crunch. What do you prefer crossfit or tabata? Or can they not be compared because they are so different?

    1. hmmmm....... good question. I like crossfit for the benefits I am getting for my knees. It is building my hamstrings which I believe to be key to get my knees back on track again.

      On the other hand, I like Tabata for the fact that it is high intensity AND short. I love short workouts because I AM on a time crunch ALL THE TIME!