Mar 31, 2014

Weekend Recap at The Pointe

My weekend was pretty low key and uh-maze-eeeng!!  The only thing that could have been better was if I had gone hiking.  Friday I got off work early for employee appreciation.  Let me just add that I love where I work!  They are wonderful!

So I got in my gym time, I worked shoulders and those are typically my 'weak' spot so I have been really try to grow them and give them a bit more shape.  I kicked their ass!  teeheee.  Afterward I did a little marketing and then the bf and I went to have a couple drinks at The Pointe.

The first thing we see when we head out to the patio is an amazing waterfall encompassed by a gazebo and the beautiful AZ sunset in the background.  We found a lovely place to enjoy our time which was near some pretty flowers and more scenic mountains.  What a great place to spend the evening!

There was a group there on holiday and one of the lady's was quite pleasant and fun.  Sometimes we have people who automatically assume we are tattooed hoodlums and do not always receive the warmest of welcomes but this lady was quite friendly and clearly knew we are not pieces of trashy garbage.  duuuh!!!

Actually, you will find we both have great personalities and like to goof off and have a little fun....who'd have thought?  There's a weird thing with growing up that means I drink less and like it more. (the not drinking part) Don't get me wrong, I certainly love a drink or 2 or 3 or 10 but I just can't take it the way I used to. I could drink all day and all night then get up the next morning and do it again. Then go back to work on Monday and be just fine. hmmmph.... not anymore.
I guess that is part of creating bigger goals for myself than I had before.  I used to be content with being a weekend warrior.  And what a weekend warrior I was!!  Drink and dance Friday night, Saturday night and then Sunday Funday.  Plus, whatever 3 day weekends we had.  I love living an active lifestyle but 'active' was all drinking and then working out to make up for it during the week.  Who am I kidding?  I still miss that sometimes :)

This was a side view of the fire just behind the bush so it kinda makes the bush appear like it is glowing.

After we left here we went home and watched The Hobbit, which is something the bf never wanted to watch but when he realized it is action packed and quite entertaining, he was OK with it. 

Saturday was errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and all that stuff that I wish I had a personal assistant for.  Then I had to spend some time learning business stuff and we watched the rest of the Hobbit.  Sunday was all work-related stuff in reference to marketing and branding.  I also wrote a great blog about healthy foods and weight gain

Plus, of course the gym.  The weekend was highly productive and I am super excited about it.  I keep learning new things all the time and learning allows me to grow and become better and better!  I guess I kinda like this 'big goal' thing.

I cannot forget that I made the fish and bean recipe I found on Katy's blog.  I did not drain the beans or tomatoes so it was more like a soup.  UH-MAZE-EEEENG!!!

How was your weekend?  What goals are you working on?

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Mar 30, 2014

Are Healthy Foods Making You Fat?

Have you ever gained weight when you were trying to lose weight?  Seeing the number on the scale go the opposite direction is extremely frustrating!!  This often leads people to give up and throw their hands in the air saying, "what's the use?"  When trying to lose weight it is imperative to be aware of the healthy foods consumed because they may be tipping the scales when the desired effect is to lighten the scale.

Calories are needed to fuel the body for survival.  Carbohydrates are also needed to fuel the body and they also play a vital role in delivering nutrients to the brain.  Sugar occurs naturally in food, especially fruit and there is no need for added sugar in the body.  Matter of fact, excessive sugar can lead to weight gain, diabetes and increase heart risks.  It is only added to make things more appealing but unfortunately that comes in the form of refined products and the body has no use for that.

If you have been trying to lose weight and eating much healthier but have been unsuccessful you may want to read this.  There are foods that are highly nutritious for the body but should be consumed in moderation due to being higher in calories and fat.  "Good for you" doesn't always translate to "eat as much as you want" if you are trying to lose weight.  This statement is not implying that a person is over-consuming, it is indicating that there could be more calories than we realize in healthy foods and even a serving can be too much for a person on a weight loss quest.

When a woman is working on losing weight they will be consuming between 1,200 and 1,800 calories per day.  Men are generally going to need to consume 1,500-2,300 calories.  Usually when people start their journey with 1,800-2,300 calories they are going to gradually reduce them until they achieve the desired amount of weight loss. This will vary depending on start weight, age, gender and the beginning level of fitness in reference to muscle density.  Typically, a person losing weight will consume between 50-100 grams of carbohydrates per day.  Per the American Heart Association, a woman  maintaining her weight should consume about 25 grams of sugar per day, which by the way is about 6 teaspoons, and men who are maintaining their weight should only consume about 37.5 grams.  Losing weight totally changes these numbers because the goal is to decrease their daily intake in order to shed the fat.

There are a variety of foods that have high nutritional content and are very good for us but also contain higher numbers of calories.  Even though something is good for us and has good fats or other valuable nutrients does not mean that the calories don't count.  The calories still count so when incorporating a healthier variety of foods into the diet, it is important to be mindful of higher calorie options to avoid accidental weight gain.

Here is a list of 6 foods that commonly get great exposure for being healthy but reek havoc on weigth loss:

1.  Avocado has 708 grams of potassium, in a 1 cup serving, which is way more than a medium sized banana at 422 grams.  They can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), increase the absorption rate of other nutrients when consumed in a salad and they contain lutein which is commonly known to be good for the eyes.  Guess what else?  It has 10 grams of fiber which is 40% of the recommended daily value!  And it has almost 3 grams of protein, not to mention all the other vitamins and nutrients it has. 

Avocados contain 234 calories in one cup and 21 grams of fat.  1 cup does not typically go far in
reference to consuming enough for a meal.  A person trying to lose weight may be only consuming 300-400 calories per meal which means that the avocado, by itself, takes up most of the allotted calories for that meal.  Try cutting it to 1/4 cup instead of a full cup.  This way the wonderful taste and health benefit is still there while at the same time avoiding excessive calories and fat.  1/4 cup of anything can seem menial but it is still enough to get the taste and reap the health benefits.

2.  Nuts are commonly known for being a great snack high in protein.  They are commonly found on salads, in main dishes and a major part of trail mix.  Cashews, for example, have a high content magnesium which is good for bones and can help reduce blood pressure.  With 5 grams of protein per serving that is a pretty good amount from a tiny little nut.

Cashews contain 157 calories and 12 grams of fat per 1 oz so if the snack is more than 1 oz it can really add up in the calorie department. For example, think of the size of a matchbook and that is approximately 1 oz. Consuming 2 oz would be 314 calories and, again, for those who are paying attention to their weight loss it is important to be aware of the portions.

Almonds contain 6 grams of protein per oz so they weight in heavier inthat department than the cashew and it has many benefits as well.  They may help reduce cholesterol as well as heart disease with a high content of Vitamin E.

Almonds contain 163 calories and 14 grams of fat per 1 oz serving. Same thing applies in this example because 1 oz. is pretty small and nuts are so delightfully delicious that it is extremely easy to surpass the 1 oz. serving size.  These 2 nuts are just examples and other nuts fall in the same category because they are healthy but they are also higher in calories and fat which means it can produce the opposite desired effect for a person working to lose weight.

The same idea can be applied to nut butters as can be seen in the above examples of almonds and cashews.  Nut butters are just the chopped up and pureed version of the actual nut itself.  It is high in nutritional value but also high in caloric value as well.

3.  Dried fruit options are a better way to get the sweet tooth satisfied than something sugary like a
 doughnut.  Raisins are fat free, high in fiber and low in sodium.  They are super convenient on the go and can easily be stowed away in a purse or gym bag.  Traveling?  Great option too.  They have 130 calories per cup with 29 grams of sugar and 31 grams of carbohydrates......whew, makes you want to get on a treadmill just thinking about it!!  PS, A cup is about the size one of those little boxes of raisins.

What about something like apricots?  They are PACKED with nutrients such as potassium, Vitamins C, A and B-6,  iron, and magnesium.  Just one cup packs 1,511 mg of potassium -that even trumps our friend the avocado, 10g fiber- again that's 40% of the recommended daily value and about 4 grams of protein.  The problem is that 1 cup also provides 314 calories, 69 g sugar and 81 g carbohydrates.  OMG!!!  This is NOT effective for a person trying to lose weight.  A suggestion would be to cut this down, waaay down, to about 1/4 cup.  The best way to do it is to measure it out and put it into a serving container to avoid the potential of mindless munching.... believe me, it happens.

4.  Trail mix is a combo of the above mentioned dried fruits and nuts and is loaded with antioxidant benefits, vitamins, nutrients and a great way to fuel the body in a pinch.  It is easy to carry so a great choice to keep on hand at the office or to offer guests as mini snacks.  However, while it falls under the category of healthy, it is still high calories and a serving can easily get away from us.  Before you know it a cup can be eaten which will fill you up with a whopping 693 calories and 44 grams of fat.  Pair this with 67 g carbs and there goes half of a personals daily intake (if they are eating 1,200 calories in a day - which, BTW, should be a level that a person gradually works towards and typically does not begin at right away). 

[Image Source:]
5.  Granola has a ton of fiber which help keep you feeling full longer as well as maintain regularity.  As discussed previously, fiber is great for the effect it has on lowering cholesterol.  The oats are heart healthy due to the unsaturated fats but be careful because just 1/2 cup contributes 225 calories, about 15 grams of sugar & 40 grams of carbohydrates.  It is wise, when trying to lose weight, to reduce this to about 1/4 cup to help keep the calories, sugar and carbs down.

6.  Smoothies are one of my favorite topics because they are soooo good for you and everyone's doing it!  Plus, they taste great :)  Also, I have been on a smoothie kick lately.  Most smoothies come with yogurt, milk, lots of fruit and sometimes veggies.  A Kale-ribbean Breeze at Jamba Juice contains Passionfruit Mango Juice Blend, Kale, Mangos, Nonfat Greek Yogurt, and Chia Seeds.  Kale has been all the rage lately because it is a green super food and it is loaded with Vitamins A and C.  Vitamin A is good for eye health and it helps fight off infections.  Their site indicates that this smoothie allows for 320% Vitamin A and 230% Vitamin C in a small drink.  It also delivers 320 calories, 48 g sugar and 66g carbs which is enough calories for a full meal plus a bit more sugar than really should be in a day.  The good news is that the sugar comes from the fruit rather than refined sugar which is better for the body but the point is that if a person is trying to lose weight it may not be the best option.

Smoothies should be reserved for treat meals and used/consumed in moderation when trying to lose weight.
While they have many nutritional benefits, they also have high quantities of calories, especially when purchasing any size larger than a small.

It is OK to consume all of the above items.  It is good for you.  It is important to remember to stick to the serving size and sometimes even less than the serving size if you are trying to lose weight.  Being aware and educated on the content of the foods you are consuming, even the healthy ones, will help boost your results.

Post your comments below, I love hearing your thoughts!

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Mar 29, 2014

Dessert Smoothie... this is the last one, I Promise..... Maybe?

A couple days ago I made a protein smoothie with peaches and apples that was so damn good it was like a dessert.  It had the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with the exact right texture and thickness.  I like
my protein shakes and smoothies to be thick enough to spoon out because it makes me feel like I am eating ice-cream.  It is a great way to trick myself out of having any other kind of sweet nonsense.

Funny about the sweet 'nonsense' is that I never had a sweet tooth.  At family get togethers, holidays, work events or whatever the occasion, I never opted for the sweet portion of the food items.  Sweets were never a big deal to me and everyone used to say I was so lucky that I didn't crave that crap.  I did not really understand the big deal.  Now I do.  I crave the crap just like anyone else and if there is dessert at an event or holiday, damn right I'm gonna eat it!!!  I  have always believed in indulging and answering a craving when it comes.  Of course, that has to be done in moderation to avoid extra poundage that nobody wants but it is important to eat the things we like.  This way we don't go hog wild one day! 

Back to this delectable treat.  I used raspberries the day before and they are a bit tart in a sweet kind of way but it was not bad because I was using the original Almond Milk, which is sweeter, but I like peaches better and I happened to have some.  I created this shake that also acted as a meal replacement and a dessert that made it feel like I was not replacing a meal AT ALL.  It felt like I was having dessert for dinner.  Sometimes that is a must (dessert for dinner.... or breakfast... whatever -don't judge) every once in a while.  It brings out the inner kid and since we are adults in charge of our own life we can do whatever we want.  Even if it means having dessert for dinner.  Or making yourself think you are having dessert for dinner.  Hahaa.

Oooohhhh so good.  The recipe is simple (as always) and full of flavor.


1/2-1c cup frozen peaches
1 Apple (I used Red Delicious)
3 scoops vanilla protein (you can use whatever the serving size indicates but I used extra)
3/4 cup Almond Milk (original)
a few shakes of cinnamon


Add all ingredients to blender and blend well.  Serve.  I did not use ice as the peaches were frozen and I hate head freeze, or neck freeze- whatever you like to call it.  Plus, I refrigerate my apples so those were cold along with the almond milk.  It was thick enough to spoon out, it was absolute heaven and I already knew I was gonna have it the next day.

Fast forward to the next day (Friday) and I decided I am going to make it more dessert-like.  I am out of original almond milk and have unsweetened, which is the kind I normally use, so I knew it was not going to be as sweet.  Hmmmm..... what can I do to make this a dessert yet meet some nutritional value for me?

I know!!  Add whip cream and a few sprinkles of chocolate.  Both of which I do not have so we made a special trip to the store to get it.  I get the whip cream and dark chocolate covered strawberries.

I used the same recipe as above except I used half an apple and 2 scoops of protein to cut down those calories since I will be adding calories with the whip cream and chocolate. 

This one was not as good as the one I had Thursday.  I bet it was the milk.  It really makes a difference going from original to unsweetened.  Sugar: 1 point.  Me: 0.   Wah Wah.  Goes to show why sugar wins in everyone's life.... it just tastes so damn good!

J/K!!  It was still good and, honestly, I thought the whip cream was going to make it over the top good but it really did not.  Same with the chocolate, it just was not the same without the original almond milk.  Just seeing the beautiful picture of my imaginary masterpiece was reward enough to feel like it was dessert.

I have had smoothies 3 days in a row and I do not want to kill you with days and days of protein shakes and smoothies so I won't post about them for a few days.  Unless I have one that I just KNOW you will appreciate and want to see :)

Grandma, this may be something you could try to help with your sweet cravings too.  Let me know if you want to try it.

Tell me about your favorite smoothie or protein shake.  I love hearing about them!

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Mar 28, 2014

Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

I made corned beef and cabbage a couple days after St. Patty's Day and I had not planned on posting the recipe because it was so simple and I figured everyone probably already knows how.  But I decided I will post it anyway because I like to share the simple pleasures in life :)

I had been craving sandwiches and I saw sliced corned beef on sale, then I saw a corned beef roast.  I thought what a great idea!  I can have sandwiches and jump on the wagon with everyone else and make some corned beef AND cabbage.  Yeehaw!  It gives me an opportunity to get in my veggies with the roast and that always makes me feel good.  Loooove veggies.  If you have seen my recipes, you know the stuff I make is super simple.  I am no chef and certainly not a gourmet chef so it is easier for me to post this after all the gourmet recipes have died down ;)  Despite not being a chef the food is still the sh!t. 


Corned beef roast - I cheated and bought the one with seasoning in a bag
1 head cabbage
1 small-medium onion
4 medium sized carrots
5-7 small red potatoes
3 cloves garlic
a few dashes of sea salt
cracked pepper
red pepper (optional)


Preheat oven to 325
wash/rinse/chop all veggies
Place meat in roaster, fat side down
Arrange veggies around it and sprinkle the seasonings and garlic throughout
Put the packaged seasonings on the corned beef.
Bake 1 hour per pound or until done.  I ended up taking mine out about 30 minutes early.   Let rest 15 minutes and serve.

I had a few potatoes underneath the meat and they ended up being so tender and flavorful.  I have a tendency to get crazy with really delicious food so I had to be sure to eat human size portions!  The cool thing about this meat is that it is not fatty.  Sometimes I like fatty meats because they create better flavors for the surrounding vegetables but the flavor still leaked into the veggies and it was lean, tender and moist.

How can you go wrong with flavorful meat that is still lean AND moist?  Usually lean and moist do not go in the same sentence when referring to meat but this corned beef really does and I was pleasantly surprised.  I hate tough meat.  JS... wait, that kinda sounded funny, didn't it?  LOL

With the leftovers we had it in our eggs.  Sounds kinda strange?  Nope!  It was fantastic!

Matter of fact, I really would like to get another one and have that but I think I will, first, try a recipe that I found on another bloggers page.  It is fish with white beans and tomatoes and it is almost like a soup.  The recipe is so simple and I like the idea of soup-like foods with fish.  Check it out here

I have been consistently keeping a food diary to get my weight back in check.  Only a couple pounds but it is important, for maintenance purposes, to be aware.  I am taking action and you can see a couple days worth of my food diary here.  

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Mar 27, 2014

BBQ Chicken Recipe

Do you ever want something really delicious without the work?  I originally planned to marinate some chicken and then grill it but I did not marinate it in time.  I also did not have time to run in and out from the grill but the chicken had to be cooked as it was defrosted and I was getting hungry. 

I usually wait until the last minute to cook

so when I am hungry, there is no time for food prep and cooking for ever and ever.  Which meant my plan went out the window.  I decided to just dump the BBQ sauce, seasonings and chicken into a skillet and put it on auto pilot.  I am soooo glad I did because it was uh-maze-eeeng!!!

It was so dang simple too.  It was basically like I bought something prepackaged, or drove through a drive-thru. 


1 lb chicken
3-4 TBSP BBQ sauce
a couple dashes sea salt
a few dashes fresh cracked pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder
Crushed red pepper
2-4 TBSP water

*The BBQ sauce I used was spicy and had more red peppers in it.  The brand is Black Swan and it is the bomb!


Combine water, BBQ and dry ingredients in a bowl and mix.  I add the water so that there is less sauce (also meaning lower calorie) yet still full flavor.  cha ching!  Pour some of the liquid into the skillet, reserving more than half.  Turn stove on medium-high and place the chicken on top.  Pour the remaining sauce on top and mix around.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about 10 minutes or until fully cooked.

We had this with a salad.  I took some to work the next day for my 2nd morning snack.  I also put some on a slice of bread so it was a super scrumptious BBQ sandwich.  It was so effin' good that I am making more tomorrow.  Only, this time I will actually grill it as planned.

What is your favorite simple, yet awesome recipe?

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Mar 26, 2014

Super Simple Smoothie

Yesterday's smoothie was fantastic and I want to share it with you.  It has few ingredients and was very easy to make.  I think I may only use half a banana next time to help cut down on calories but that is not necessary for a person who is maintaining their weight.  I had this yesterday evening and I posted my last couple day's food diaries that you can see here.


2 scoops protein (I used Herbalife this time)
1 cup frozen red raspberries
1 medium banana
2 strawberries
1/2-1 cup almond milk (this time I used original which is sweetened)


Put red raspberries in (this time I did not use ice and allowed the raspberries to act as the freezer) and I put the protein powder on top.  Then I added the milk and banana and blend thoroughly.

Blend and enjoy.... how simple, right?!!

What is your favorite smoothie?

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Mar 25, 2014

Yesterday and Today's Meals and Food Diary

I did not keep a food diary for a couple days and then remembered again yesterday.  It is not that difficult so why did I forget!!  Oh well.  One of my friend's has some protein shake from Herbalife that she was not using and let me try it out.  I added some fruit and a dash of almond milk.  It was surprisingly delicious.  It is a GREAT substitute for dessert...  yuuum!  It was semi-sweet so if I am having a sweet tooth I will just add a little honey to it.  Otherwise, the banana really countered the tartness from the raspberries. Check out the recipe here.

Yesterday's food diary:

 I made this corned beef and cabbage last Wednesday because it was all over the place for St. Patty's day.  I felt like rather than go out to a restaurant and get it, I'll make it that way I know exactly what is in it.  No hidden butters, oils or high calorie sauces.  It was really quite delicious!  And simple, which is my favorite part of it. 

The BBQ chicken was something else I made and it was also just as simple and flavorful!

 The chicken was made with spicy BBQ sauce and I added crushed red pepper flakes so it had a kick, which I like.  However, I had a couple ounces with my salad for dinner and it really upset my stomach which was strange because I had some the day before and 3 ounces for my morning snack and it did not bother me.  I had already packed my lunch for today and decided I certainly did not want to go through that stomach issue at work.  I unpacked the chicken that was going to be my lunch and took out some pork chops to defrost.  I cooked 2 this morning and had one for breakfast and brought the other for lunch.  Random, huh?  Pork chop for breakfast.  Well, I did not have time to make 2 separate meals before I left for work.  So, pork it was!

Here is today's food diary.  I usually like to use water in my protein shakes but since this protein powder smelled like powdered grossness I decided I better flavor it up with almond milk.  This almond milk has 60 calories per cup and I usually use the one with 30 calories but there was a buy one get one deal and they only had one of the 30 calorie milk.  It is sweetened so it is nice to have every once in a while but I am not used to sweets so I would not want it all the time.

I had the shake and bread before I went to the gym as I was STARVING by the time I got off work.  The plan was to have the shake and call it a day but after the gym I was a tad bit hungry so I had a couple spoonfuls of yogurt mixed with strawberry preserve.  Sugar spikes glucose in the blood and that helps deliver protein to the muscle at a quicker and more effective rate (supposedly) and I had the strawberry preserve instead of honey today.  It was OK but I like the honey better.

I have been lifting heavier, harder and more seriously lately so there better be some damn results soon!

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Does a food diary help you?  Why or why not?

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Mar 24, 2014

Weekend Hike and Tid Bits

Last weekend was not very productive after drinking at The Talking Stick.  This weekend, oh yaaaa.  My brother and I started out with a short hike Saturday morning and it was great!  I love being outdoors and the weather was phenomenal.  We both had prior engagements at 2p so we could not make it a long one but decided we would come back for a longer hike next time.  Maybe ride beach cruisers next weekend as well.  What a great way to squeeze in family time and activity!

We found some mini sculptures made of rock which I thought were pretty cool.  Apparently some hikers took some time to create beautiful scenery for the rest of us.  :) 

We are doing the Walking Challenge at work so this is helping me get my daily steps up for the contest.  The only thing that sux about dirt trails, for me, is that my allergies started bugging about 30 minutes in.  My brother and I were both sniffling and hiking.... not fun but we overlooked that part.  A few hours later my nose was soooo stuffy.  And it has been stuffy on and off since then... boooo.

After the hike I did some grocery shopping and went to meet up with my friend, Tara.  I have not seen her in a while and she is a personal trainer as well as a group fitness instructor.  She was meeting with me to give me info about instructing fitness classes.  I think it would be so awesome to instruct fitness classes and since she already does it I figured she is a great person to go to. 

She was telling me about a fitness show she will be doing in a few months and suggested I do one as well.  I have tossed the idea around for years and I decided not to years ago because I had to cut out drinking for 12 weeks which was absolutely unheard of!  LOL.  But now I drink 1 or 2x a month so cutting that out would be easy.  But now my job is demanding and the cutting down would make my brain mush.  I cannot afford mistakes at work.  I am not really sure what to do.  Decisions, decisions.  (sigh) I think it would be fun and it would also be a huge accomplishment.  But, I not sure my life allows it right now.

Saturday night we went to dinner and watched a movie.  I had a glass of wine, part of a steak, sauteed green beans and a few bites of green chili mac & cheese.  I do not usually eat mac n cheese but it was OK.  I will not be ordering it again.... it was not worth the calories.  The steak was DEFINITELY worth the calories!  Aaaand I had leftovers... I am so lucky!  (wink)

I returned my FitBit Flex because it stopped working about 2 weeks ago and I only had it for about 2weeks at the time it stopped working.  I was thinking about getting the Polar Loop because it can hook up with the chest strap for intense workouts.  I have been doing some research on all the wrist worn products and have found that the FitBit Flex was one of the top ones.  I liked it but since it stopped working I am not confident I will find something worth what they cost.

My weekend was a bit slower but still busy, busy, bz.  I am new to the funday Monday link up and it seems really cool.  Hosts are:  Molly @ still being [molly], Carly @ Lipgloss & Crayons and their guest host Angela.  They all have really cool blogs!

What did you do with your weekend?  What about opinions on doing a show?

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Mar 23, 2014

Talking Stick Fun and Drinking


Last weekend I had a lot of fun!  We went to the pool at the Talking Stick... I think it is "Resort" but, honestly, I do not find it very resort-like so I am not really sure.  We hung out by the pool and had a couple drinks.  It was relaxing, quiet and windy.  Towels were flying, chairs were sliding and the umbrellas were knocking people into the pool.  Haha!!  (that actually happened)

My bf called one of my very good friends, Devon, to come surprise me as I have not seen him in about 2 years.  We used to live near each other and hung out all the time.  Life  has gotten in the way and I live closer to work which is further from Scottsdale.  (where we used to hang out)  Then I was in school which meant I did not go out much anyway and when I did it was in a different part of town.  I was very excited he came and as we were getting pics together he picks me up for our perfect pose.  My bf kept stalling on taking the pic and Devon's telling him to hurry up cuz I was getting heavy.  It was just funny because they like to mess with each other.

 The joke is cuz my bf is big and they like to pretend Devon kicks his *ass!   :)  Boys will be boys

This is my Popeye imitation.  Do I look like him?

I used to go out a lot on the weekends and now I go out much less so when I do it is certainly fun but I am sluggish the next few days.  The next day we laid around watching movies and doing nothing.  I had to show you a demo of what the kitchen looks like as a result of being l-a-z-y!!

Follow my blog for health and fitness plus little in between tid bits!!  My weekend was fun but non-productive.  Do you have weekends like that?

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