Feb 26, 2014

Treat Meal VS Cheat Meal

A cheat meal is when a person allows themselves to have something they normally would not eat.  This is something done usually at the end of the week as an indulgence.  A way to enjoy the foods that are usually avoided and it is done in order to prevent binge eating.  It is usually just one meal per week but some people do it for an entire day.  The meal usually has more fat and calories than a typical meal and it brings pure bliss!  :)

 I have always said that avoidance of certain foods are the best way to head diving straight back into old behaviors and eating patterns.  It truly is the way to end up in a binge eating sesh.... or even a few.  Did I ever tell you the story about how I would deprive myself and then eat an entire junk food item in the parking lot of the store I just bought it from?  I could not even wait to get it home and ate it all at once.  I have done this with crumb cakes or other baked goods.  I had a rule that I did not buy what I considered to be junk or garbage and if I wanted it I would get the single serving and if the single serving was not available I would get the mini.  So I had a mini-Boston cream pie and ate half of the damn thing in one sitting!  I had to force myself away from it at that.

Moderation is key.  Eating 4 servings of a crumb cake at once because I just could not stop is sorta embarrassing but I've done it.  I may over indulge on holidays but I have done that my whole life so that makes it alright, right?!  hahaa :)

I always suggest having a cheat meal and a few months ago I saw an interview with Jilian Michaels where she said she does not have "cheats".  She has "treats" and really, I have been eating clean (mostly) for so long now that I could see why she calls them 'treats' instead of cheats.  I was reminded of this today when I read Fitness Blondie's blog and she talked about a fantastic treat meal she had.  

I was just thinking the other day about mindset and I wrote Think and Grow Thin.  A lot of what we say or how we perceive things can really impact our view and behavior towards food.  I really like the idea of calling meals 'treat' meals as a way to refer to something that we do not typically eat.  Because I no longer 'cheat' since my eating habits are pretty consistent day to day.  Even my 'cheat' meals aren't really cheats..... except maybe chicken pot pie.

I will say that I tried to make it as low cal as possible so that it did not kill my whole week!

Do you have special weekly meals?  If yes, do you call them cheats or treats?

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  1. I like the thought of changing the 'cheat' word to "treat". I have also been there....eating the whole cake in one sitting and then hiding the evidence. That's why I believe in 'treat' meals. I know that saying no all the time will only enhance the attraction for me and make me want it with a deeper intensity!!!!!!

    1. Hi MaryFran, I have tried to make the adjustment to "treat" but it has not come naturally because I have been using "cheat" for years. About 10-12 years or so!

      With spring and summer around the corner I have been thinking of getting "swimsuit ready" and it seems like I have been eating worse!

  2. You are soooo very right..my problem is that almost every meal is a treat :). It is a hard to re-train your brain. I had a friend that used meditation to re-train her brain when it came to food and that helped lose weight.

    1. Hi Suzette- meditation used to seem like BS to me until I was forced to do it in massage school. They taught us how and since it was part of the learning I figured I would just "play along" to get the grade. Then I realized that my mental state improved, my physical state improved, my positivity increased and everything I wanted "came to me".

      Now I am a FIRM BELIEVER!! Meditation has even helped me overcome anxiety.