Feb 17, 2014

This Week's Grocery List

We were out of town this weekend so I had to handle this week's grocery list today before heading to the gym.  It is very easy to go to the store and pick up a bunch of random stuff and end up with hodge podge meals.  Poor planning (or lack of) can lead to unhealthy eating habits.  If I go to the store hungry, forget it!!!  I end up buying every damn thing with no real balance to any of the meals.  I always prepare a grocery list before going to the store and I usually add things to my list throughout the week as I think of meals - or things that we are running out of.

This week I plan to make kale chips so I picked up some organic kale, can't wait to make them!  Kale is a super food AND it is low calories so it is a great alternative to chips.  It gives you the same crunch and you can flavor it any way you want.  I plan to use sea salt and garlic.  This is one of those items that can easily absorb a lot of pesticides but I do not always buy it organic and since it was on sale today, I did. 

This week we will be eating broccoli and asparagus for veggie sides and chicken for dinner.  The chicken will probably be grilled because the weather is so fabulous lately that I want to take advantage of it before the heat becomes sweltering.  I have a feeling it may be a scorching summer since we hardly had a winter at all.  I usually like to have carbs like potatoes, bread or pasta during lunch and breakfast but we have sweet potato that needs to be used up so I may bake that this week as well.  Normally, dinner will contain carbs in the form of veggies.  Sweet potato is a great choice for a carb because it is complex rather than a simple carb.  Complex carbohydrates take longer for the body to break down and process which allows the body to utilize it for energy.  Compared to simple carbs which break down easily and usually stores as fat easier.  PS, 1 serving of sweet potatoes are 1 cup and about 115 calories so be sure to measure if you are not sure and are watching what you eat.

Let me throw in a disclaimer that even pasta can be broken down as a complex carb but I prefer to have it as a natural starch, rather than refined.  Basically, I choose wheat options for pasta and bread.  To clarify, I do not always have wheat or whole grain bread but I do about 95% of the time.  I buy bread at Sprout's and I choose the ones that have the shortest list of ingredients, again being whole foods rather than processed or added crap.  For example, sometimes I buy cinnamon raisin or jalapeno cheddar from there but that is pretty rare and it is a treat when I do!!!  Again, I choose the option that has a short list of ingredients.

Red bell pepper was on sale and that is a staple we usually keep in the house.  It goes well in salad, soup, eggs, pasta and tons more like meatloaf.   it is even fantastic on its own.  Avocado is another item we keep around for salads. It is a good fat and it helps to reduce cholesterol so it is something we like to use.  I do have to throw in an interjection because while it is healthy and nutritious, it is also a higher calorie food.  This is something that should be consumed in moderation to avoid excessive calorie intake.  Remember, every calorie counts no matter where it comes from so if you are trying to watch your figure, be sure to only eat the serving size which is about 1/5 of a medium size avocado. 

    1. Bananas
    2. Organic apples
    3.  Frozen fruit
Apples are another item that absorbs a lot of pesticides and this is something I ALWAYS buy organic so when I see them on sale I get them.  They have a long shelf life so they will stay good for a long time.  Bananas have a thick skin so pesticides are mainly in the skin so I never buy these organic.  It helps save money for items that I do like organic.
I also picks up some frozen veggies so that I can put them in oatmeal.  A few days ago I had a grand idea to make some warm oatmeal with some fruit in them.  It is a good way to mix up the norm when it comes to oats.  Matter of fact, I used to eat egg whites and plain oatmeal... yum ...UMM...NOOO ... it was not good but I got used to it, ate it a lot- so I ended up getting kinda burned out.  I talked about the transitions my eating style has taken and my idea of clean eating was low calorie and usually low taste.  I used to eat a lot of protein pancakes too, those were OK but I got kinda tired of that too.  Hmmmm.... maybe I'll have them this weekend, it has been a while :)

We go through A LOT of Greek Yogurt because it is so high in protein and low in calories (as long as you stick with the one cup serving).  It is great for a post workout meal to quickly deliver protein to the muscles.  I like to put honey on it and count it as 'dessert'.  YUUUM!  Plus, when adding sugar post workout it spike the glucose in the blood stream, moving the protein faster.  (that is the shortened explanation)  Sometimes I add chia seeds and pomegranate, sometimes cranberries and walnuts or pecans - it is very versatile.  Then we have almond milk which is something we keep in the fridge at all times, in place of regular milk. 

The turkey is supposedly reduced processing, is that even possible?  Well, according to the price it is!!  LOL.  Provolone cheese and grilled turkey sandwiches with tomato make fabulous lunches.  Although, I won't be grilling anything to take to work cuz it will get soggy but on the weekend it'll be great.

Diced tomatoes are a staple I always keep in the pantry because it goes into a lot as well.  The El Pato I just like to keep on hand in case I feel like making salsa on a whim.  I have 2 gallons of water in the background just for decoration because we actually pick up 10 gallons at a time.  I drink 3/4 of a gallon to a gallon of water a day and the bf drinks a  lot too.  It is good for ya!  I promise you won't get water toxin if you increase your water intake.  Be sure to do it gradually each day and as long as you do not attempt to chug the full gallon within an hour or less, then  you will be good to go.

I love hearing from you so tell me what your favorite staple is in the comments below.  Tell me your favorite fruit/veggie staple and pantry staple.

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 PPS- My blog is currently under construction so I will move this one to "health" once it is complete.  Coming up:  my weekend snowboarding that ended up not snowboarding!


  1. Favorite fruit staple is apples. Favorite veggie staple is baby spinach. And pantry staple? Oats, oats, oats! ...ok and almonds :)

    1. Apples are mine too. I use to eat tons of spinach and got kinda burned out on it so we don't have it as frequently as before. Thanks for the comment!~