Feb 23, 2014

Think and Grow Thin- the Power to Always Stay Motivated

Think and Grow Rich it is all about mindset which reminds me of weight loss.  For some reason the phrase “Think and Grow Thin” always pops in my head.  The truth is it is all about mindset.  When a person is motivated to accomplish a goal they try and try again, never giving up, until they finally achieve it.  It does not matter how many failures there are because the mere attempt makes the person a winner.  Eventually those efforts will pay off.  Staying motivated to never quit is what’s important.  

After I wrote this I Googled “Think and Grow Thin” just to be sure I was not using an idea that someone else is already using.  I thought it was a genius idea and that I was the one who came up with it.  Nope.  Someone already did and the book is for sale on Amazon.  As I read the description I absolutely love it!  This blog was supposed to be short and quick so I left out a lot of helpful details.  Once I read this description I decided I better add a few thoughts.  In order to keep it short, I decided to include a link instead.  I wrote an article about how sometimes difficulty with weight loss is more than motivation and will power.  Click here if you would like to read about it.

 For those of you who have read Think and Grow Rich you know that Napoleon Hill refers to many great individuals who became highly successfully but went through many tribulations to get there.  The greatest common factor between them all?  They did not allow setbacks to make them a failure-meaning they did not quit.  They persisted and made changes to what was being done in order to become successful in their venture. 

Motivation can come and go, that’s OK, and that is part of life.  The point is to be sure to regain the motivation and try again.  Your health is highly important and your kids are looking at you as an example.  I am sure you want to set great examples for them so they are prepared with the knowledge to live a healthy, long life!
Take Henry Ford, for example, he worked on the V8 engine forever and a day.  All the while being told it could not be done.  With each failure he persisted telling the engineers to find a way.  As we all know, there are V8 engines so we know it finally worked!  Maybe not in the time Ford would have wanted but he was successful in the end.

Sometimes the hum drum of everyday life gets in the way.  It seems like obstacles can weaken the morale and sometimes that gives way to a mindset that nothing ever goes our way.  Which leads to losing desire to accomplish a specific goal.  This can be any goal but for today’s purpose I am talking about weight loss.  It is important to KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that no matter what your body type is or what you were unable to accomplish before, it is possible for you to make a difference if you continue to believe in yourself.  (Please know I am not referring to specific medical conditions as I am not an expert in those areas).  The power of suggestion is mind blowing.  You would be surprised what you can do when you believe it.  Stay positive and always look for new solutions if something is not working.  

One of the most common problems I hear is gaining weight when incorporating a workout routine.  The probable culprit behind it is hunger.  When the body burns the fuel it has in the stomach it needs more.  Just like any other day.  When the stomach is empty it is hungry.  When a person works out they are burning more calories than usual and calories come from food.  (you already knew that-duh) 

Stored body fat is what the body has set aside for a time of famine.  The body is supposed to do that like it did in the cave man days- it set aside reserves so that when there was no food for a day or 2 or 3 or more, a person did not literally starve to death.  Remember, the body is doing its job when it stores excessive food as fat.  Of course storing it is the easy part, it is shedding it that is the difficult task.

Anyway, when a person is hungry they eat.  This is how we do things so there is nothing wrong with that.  Where the problem comes in is that now the person has increased their intake (more food or snacks) for the day, and they do not realize it, which is counterproductive when the goal is to shed pounds and as we know to do that we must take in less food than the body needs.  This way it takes from the storage, thus losing weight.  Unfortunately, in many cases we tend to eat a little more than we normally would to replace those calories burned.  Click here to read this article that talks about being smart and aware with the meals/calories consumed while incorporating exercise.  Some studies have shown that people who began a workout routine end up consuming more post-workout than they normally would have which is what causes weight gain- so just be aware.
This is not intended to discourage someone from working out.  It is highly encouraged to exercise.  The point of this is to bring awareness so that you can stay motivated if this happens to you.  You will be prepared in what to expect in the event you come across this.  

Think and Grow Thin can really work if you change your mindset.  Thinking positive and following through with the great changes you are making.  Adjustments can be made if something has not worked for a couple weeks but giving up will certainly not allow you to reach your goals.  It is discouraging, yes, but Henry T. Ford ended up with the V8 in the end.  Giving us our V8 engines and then breaking way to the powerful V12!  Point being he thought it could be done and continued to think so until it was.  There were many changes along the way when unsuccessful attempts were made and that is what it is all about.  Making changes when necessary if something is not working.  It is kind of like parenting, trial and error.  I am not a parent but this is what I see with people who have children.

Keep making positive changes and keep thinking positive.  You can “Think and Grow Thin”!

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