Feb 19, 2014

Snowboarding with no Snow

This past weekend we went up north to snowboard but ended up riding quads.  It has been unseasonably warm in AZ, which is nice except there's not enough good snow to fuel the mountain.  I guess "fuel" can really be used to describe the sun and non-winter conditions!  A few of us packed & headed up.

The cabin (it is really a house) was awesome!  The fireplace kept the place super toasty, which would've been super fantastic if it was cold.  Either way, the ambiance was cozy.

We went out the first night and had a couple drinks then came back to the house and hung out. (AKA drank some more)  I was practicing my modeling moves.  I hope you like it!!  hehee

The neighbors said the conditions on the mountain were not that great & is best not to spend money on lift tickets. Instead, we cruised around in a rhino and rode quads.  We set up shop in the middle of an open area and played Apples to Apples while we took turns riding.  "Shop" including a couple small plastic tables, chairs, water, drinks and music.  It was a cool little set up and we even had some really classy plastic wine glasses!!  HAHA. 


It was probably 60 degrees or so and after a while I was wearing jeans and a tank top.  It was SO nice out!  There was a breeze to help keep it from being hot and also to blow the cards away.  If any of have played Apples to Apples you will know it can be pretty fun.  Its cousin is the game "Cards Against Humanity" which is also fun but it can be highly offensive to those who offend easily so beware. 

I did not grow up riding quads but I have ridden them occasionally.  The same goes for 3 wheelers and dirt bikes which meant my learning curve was pretty quick.  I started to get pretty confident and decided to do a doughnut in this tiny little patch of snow.  It was so tiny I had no idea I was going to get stuck in it!!  I gave it a little more gas, nothin'.  Again more gas, nothin'.  I got off it and began bouncing the back tires trying to move it over out of the rut I had just created.  This damn thing is heavy!  Fine by me since the car ride had me sitting on my ass for 4.5 hours to get there & I had to burn calories some how!

Well, I struggled for a few minutes and could not get it out.  I had not gone by myself so I knew that they would soon notice I was missing and would come back looking for me.  I walked out to the road and, sure enough, one of them comes to my rescue.  Apparently they were in a panic thinking I had crashed while I was laughing at the stupidity of getting stuck in the tiny patch of snow.  My friend gets on the quad and gives it even more gas and gets it right out.  Now I really feel stupid cuz he did it so quickly and easily. Oh well, it is not mine and I did not want to burn up the motor so I was being careful with their quads  :)

We do some more riding around & I am having the time of my life and almost forgot about snowboarding - which is pretty hard to do but I was outdoors enjoying nature so I was good.  We stop to visit with everyone else for a bit and realize we are hungry but there's no food.  We brought everything else except that.  My bf & another guy decide they are going to ride the quads back to the house to pick up a few things to hold us over for dinner and it should take about 40 minutes round trip.  I can wait that long, right?

They got lost on the way back because they took some back road.... go figure.  Thankfully, it was only about an additional 10 minutes but it seemed like an eternity to the rest of us since we are now STARVING... some of us even getting cranky.  Lack of food does that.

The guys pull up on the quads and neither of them are wearing backpacks or have anything strapped to the back.  We ask where the hell's the food?  My bf, making a joke, says "what food?" "were we getting food".  Which he thought was hilarious until he realized the bag was gone. haha.  They strapped one of those reusable grocery bags to the back and they double tied it so there was no way it was going anywhere..... well, it did.

We decide we will just pack it up and head back as we had already had a great day and it was feeding time!  On the way back, we find the bag in the middle of the road.  A ways down we find a fork and a crushed tupper ware with food on the ground.  This is amusing, the bag had split open and the items were strewn about a mile or so down the road.  As we are picking up non-salvageable items, we come across some cheese and crackers.  Oh ya!!!  At this point we don't even care about the 3 second rule and wipe the dirt off and eat what's left!!  mmm mmm mmm....good.  Not that I make a habit of eating off the ground but desperate times call for desperate measures and none of us were too good to do it!!  Good friends!  :)

Our friend's mom thought it was hilarious and she laughed harder and harder each time we can across more food in the road because it went on for a while, piece by piece, falling out of the bag.  One of the girls was cranky and she got more and more irritated so I did not take a pic- even though I really really wanted to.  I should have snuck and done it just so you could see it.  I am sure you can get a visual of this dirt road in the wilderness with food items sporadically strewn down it.

For dinner we went to Pasta House and it was Uh-maze-eeng!!  I had a combo plate which had 1 small manicotti, 1 stuffed shell and a small piece of lasagna.  Small or not, it was a lot of food so I had leftovers even after leaving full.  I also have to be sure to call dibs on my own leftovers because the bf usually views stuff in the fridge as a free for all.  It works out in my favor anyway so I am not mad.

Sunday morning comes and we go to Darbi's for breakfast.  It is another place in town that is a great place to eat.  Servings are big enough to share with 2 or 3.  I ordered... crap.... I cannot remember what it was called by now.  Anyway, It was biscuits with green chili sauce on top of the biscuit, a sausage on top of the green chili sauce and topped with 2 eggs and gravy.  OMG!!  I would have never thought to put green chili sauce with biscuits and gravy but it was sooooo good.  It was also so huge that I could not eat all of it.  Why would I want to with servings that big?!!  I even pulled off some of the biscuit and then I had leftovers for lunch.

After breakfast we went for a well-needed walk along what used to be a railroad and is now a dirt road.  I really should have sprinted the whole hour rather than walk but it was nice being outdoors.  I learned that the forest gets thinned out in certain areas to help reduce the spread of forest fires since it gets so dry here.  The houses have less trees around them and I understand the reason as well as the concept but it is a bit strange seeing thinner areas of forest.

We did not have internet access so I did not do any work.  It was kind of nice but then I felt pressed to leave on Sunday even though I had Monday off.  Our trip began as a snowboarding trip then turned into a muddy quad-riding trip which was fabulous!

Can you think of a time that you went out of town for something specific and totally did something else and had fun anyway?  Tell me about it!

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  1. It really looked like you had a great time and I enjoy seeing your beautiful, smiling face. I really can't think of a time as you described but I did the opposite. Namely, heading out for a great time and ending up with a trip to hell. Oh well, I had a lot of good times so I can't complain. Keep the posts coming. Love, Grammy

    1. Grammy! I thought about the possibility of a trip from hell after I posted the question. I can definitely think of times when things did not go as planned and usually the trips from hell were because of the company!!