Feb 13, 2014

Shoulders Workout

I love working shoulders, especially because I think mine could use some work.  Actually, I hate working shoulders because they are hard for me to work.  It is kind of a love-hate relationship.  I am sure you can relate!

One of my friends texted that she would be in the area so we went to the gym together.  I like working out with someone else because it increases motivation.  It pushes me to do a little more, a little longer and a little harder.

I started with rear delts cuz they are small and I want to give them the biggest push and then I like to end with them as well.  Or mix it up and do a couple rear delt exercises.

Warm up included 5 minutes sideways run -AKA side step - on speed 4 with incline of 1.5-2.5.  Rotating sides.  If needed, take 10 seconds to slow down by walking at a speed of 3-3.5 and then go again, keeping the heart rate up.

Standing rear delt fly 4 sets of 12 starting with 7.5lbs & increasing weight with each set
Super set with stability ball pike

Anterior delt raises 3 sets of 12 starting w/7.5 lbs & increasing weight each set
Super set with 3 sets of 36 Russian Twists with 25 lb weight


Lateral delt raises 3 sets of 12 starting w/5 lbs & increasing weight each set
Super set with 3 sets of 10-12 spidey push-ups- --this is the shit!


Standing shoulder press combo 3 sets of 10 7.5 lb weights
Super set with 3 sets of 12 bent knee pike on stability ball

Rear delts with cables 2 sets increasing weights and 3rd set burn outs on reduced weight 
super set 1 of each of today's ab workouts

Shoulders are a great way to sculpt the shape of your arms.  If you are only targeting biceps and triceps then the proportions will be uneven.  In order to complete the upper body it is important to incorporate shoulders.

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What is your favorite shoulder workout?

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