Feb 1, 2014

Modern Margarita

After work yesterday my bf and I went to meet with friends and business associates at the Modern Margarita.  Before we got to do that we had to change out a faucet at my condo ..... stupid faucet..... which I plan to put on the market within the next week or so.  The faucet took forever and needs to be redone anyway so we ended up late to Modern Margarita.  What a shame that a faucet cut into our fun time but once we got there it was a great time!
 We live in AZ and the weather has been gorgeous, not cold at all.  Not that it is cold where I live but it is cold in the northern part of the state.  I am not used to snowy weather, except when I snowboard.  It is usually cold enough in January to wear something thicker but lately it has been warmer.  So going out at night was still great because of the weather and we were dressed fairly light.  As you can see we do not have jackets and we are hanging out outdoors.

I like the set up at Modern Margarita because it is a relaxed environment with nice ambiance.  The rectangular fire pit was the focal point and if I felt chilly it helped warm me up.  Only thing that was missing is a dance floor.  Give me a couple drinks - or no drinks - and some music and I am a dancing machine.  Nonstop.  Well, maybe as much now that I am getting older but I still love dancing!  In my younger years I used to think I was the ish and would have dance offs all night. LOL  I am pretty sure I would give everyone quite the chuckle if I tried that now!

 Here's a pic of our friends, they are a great couple and have wonderful business minds.  I love working with them and spending time with them.

 My personal favorite touch of the bathroom selfie is the toilet paper in the background.  LOL

I used to drink every weekend a few years ago and I would dance my ass off all night long.  I loved every minute of it but there's no real need for me to drink like that anymore!  Plus, I am too busy working on blogs, fitness pages and other marketing stuff to have enough time to do that.  So now when I drink I am slow-moving for 3 days following.....not productive.  It is still fun to have a couple drinx but that's about it these days.

I only had a couple drinks last night and that put me behind schedule for everything I had planned today.  Then there is Superbowl tomorrow and we know what that means..... more friend time and probably more drinks!  Thanks a lot Modern Margarita!

Sometimes I miss partying the night away but most of the time I don't miss it at all.  I really love the way my life is today and would not change all the growing I have done.  What kind of things do you like doing on the weekends?  

No need to be shy, come on and write something :)

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