Feb 9, 2014

GCU Alumni Basketball Game, La Toretta Ristorante and Hung over

Wednesday night GCU's men's basketball team played Utah and while I was there I checked out the changes to the campus.  There have been some really great things going on.  For example, they have the biggest Starbucks I have ever seen at 6,000 square feet!  The library is in the same 4 story building as the Starbucks and there are huge viewing windows with chairs situated in front of them so students can do their homework while looking outside.  I love this feature because I love being outdoors but while studying it is less likely to enjoy it but the windows allow for it.

I did not want to be disruptive to those studying in the library so I did not take any pics there but I did get some in Starbucks.

Let me back up a little bit and tell you that when I was walking to the library the atmosphere was uplifting because I could hear music playing and there were kids walking to the beat of it.  Even busting a few moves along the way :)  Once I get to the library I see that the music is being played right across from the library.  There were a bunch of people out there hanging out and a few dancing.  It was like a mini party before doing homework.  Once inside the library you cannot hear any of that but it is really cool that the campus allows for good times while getting an education.

GCU had an alumni tailgate with free food for alumni.  They had burgers, pasta salad, chips and cookies.  As we were finishing up our food the pre-game entertainment began.  The band played and the cheerleaders performed.  I got a couple good shots of that but some did not come out as well.

I am impressed that such young people have the strength and balance to hold each other up above their head!  And stay up there without falling down!

It really is great to be a part of the GCU alumni and it made me wonder what it would have been like to live on campus....although when I began working on my degree I was already in my 30s so that would NOT have happened!  :)

We are going snowboarding  next weekend so we will not really be celebrating Valentine's day.  I know a lot of people do not really do anything for Valentine's day but my bf & I like to take time out to spend time with one another.  We are always so busy all week long with work, gym, and business stuff that we do not always enjoy our time together like we should.  We usually have one night a week that is reserved for date night and sometimes it is just watching a movie on the couch.  Other times it is just going to Chili's for dinner.  For us, watching a movie on the couch is quite pleasurable because we are always running and on the go with little time to relax.

Since we like our date nights and we like spending time together for Valentine's day but will be snowboarding we decided to go out to dinner Friday night.  We went to La Torretta Ristorante in Scottsdale and I really liked it because it was a smaller place that did not seem franchised.  There was a mural on the wall right where we were seated and it made me feel like I was in Italy, it was soooo cool.  Our server was very friendly and she had the menu memorized quite well.  We will definitely be going back!

Each of us ordered soup and shared a meal.  I ordered Italian wedding soup and it had angel hair pasta in it which I have never had before.  It was SO good but I could not eat it all which meant I had leftovers.  I love leftovers!!

We shared sausage stuffed raviolis which came with veggies.  Practicing portion control is a great idea with dishes like this because the calories can really add up.  I had 2 raviolis and some veggies and we had leftovers of this as well.  

Last night I had 4 drinks and today I am TOTALLY hung over.  We really do not drink that much anymore but I realized that we have drank the past few weekends and today I am  paying for it!~!  I woke up at like 3AM feeling sick and full.  Why the heck was I full?  Oh ya, cuz we stopped at Wendy's and I got a bacon ciabatta .... talk about bad decisions.  This is exactly why I do not eat when I have been drinking.  My inhibitions go straight out the window.  Thankfully, I still ate like I normally would by picking off most of the bread.... but still it was like 1230AM and there's no need to eat at that time of night!  Unless you work the night shift and that is your lunch time- but I don't.

We went to a place called Ernie's where the night begins with people singing karaoke which is always very entertaining whether the singer is good or bad.  LOL  They were mostly good but even the bad ones were WAAAY better than me!!  hehee.  Then it is a mini dance club because we turn the small area in front of the DJ into a dance floor.  I LOVE dancing so I really danced my butt off!  Maybe all the dancing is what made me want to order that damn burger!  It was really a great time and I would absolutely love to go back to bed but we are going to a Globe Trotters game today.  This means no rest for me.  Oh well, I guess it is better than having to go to work or something tedious.

Too bad I feel like such crap!  Sometimes hangovers put a damper on fun times but life goes on and I cannot let a stupid hangover ruin my day :)  Now I have to work extra hard at the gym tomorrow to work off that late night burger.  It was really good tho :)

Tell me about your weekend?  What was the highlight of it?  Also, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?  Post comments below, I love reading them.

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