Feb 2, 2014

Easy Italian Wedding Soup

This was my first time making this Easy Italian Wedding Soup and it turned out pretty well.  

I have said before I am not a gourmet chef but I can make simple things delicious.  That is what I am all about because food prep can be time consuming and with everything else going on in my life I do not have time to spend lots of hours a day or week to cook.  Almost everything I make is quick and easy, yet full of flavor.
You will need:

1/4 c frozen spinach
1 c peas and carrots
1 c green beans
1 c corn
8 frozen Italian Meatballs
1 chicken breast
1/2 TBSP garlic powder
2 -2.5 tsp chicken bouillon
black pepper 
red pepper (optional)
3-4 c water  
 1 serving Thai Rice Noodles
The box of Thai noodles contains 8 servings but you do not need the entire box.  I just used an eighth of the box and there were plenty of noodles.  I used a rotisserie chicken breast so I did not have to worry about cooking that.

In pot, add 3-4 c water, depending on how much or little broth you like.  Add the bouillon, garlic and I used fresh cracked black pepper.  Bring to a boil so the bouillon dissolves and then add all frozen items and reduce heat to medium.  Let this simmer about 10-15 minutes then add the noodles.  I broke the noodles in half and then half again so it is easier to eat.

As the noodles were cooking I cut up the chicken and added that then let it cook another 10-15 minutes until the noodles were tender.  Rice noodles have a tendency to be sort of gummy if not fully cooked and I do not really like that so it would be good to check for consistency if you do not like that either.

Makes 6 servings at 120 calories and is a great low cal option fully of veggies which also equals lots of fiber.  I am not gonna lie, I had a 2nd small serving  - it was sooo good.

What is your favorite soup recipe?  Leave your comments or share your favorites.  I love trying new recipes!


  1. Sounds delicious - I might even try it. I do like Italian Wedding Soup.

    1. You should DEFINITELY try it. You could even cut it in half or double it.