Feb 11, 2014

Bis and Chest ... Great to lift that chest!

A lot of chics are worried to work chest because they do not want their chest to look manly.  I also know a lot of girls/women who complain about saggy boobs.  Maybe their breasts changed after having children, breast feeding, weight gain or just plain old gravity.  Truth is, ladies, our chest has muscle that can help lift and reduce that saggy appearance.  Is this going to be a miracle?  No, but it can assist in preventing more gravity and maybe even lift a bit of what has gone south for the winter (and the other seasons)!

It is the same concept as our butt.  The more tone the muscle is, the less sagging it will do.  The more fat content, the more flabby it appears and the more hanging it will do.  Personally, I like my boobs the way I like my butt.  High & tight.  High & tight.  It is always a work in progress!  This means I incorporate chest into my workouts and I work it once a week.  I like to work biceps with chest but every once in a while I do the push/pull technique with opposing muscle groups like back and chest or bis & tris.

(I look so serious) hahaaa, deep concentration!!!!

The reason I like bis & chest is that there is more isolation for the bis and more isolation for the chest whereas working antagonistic muscles has a tendency to secondarily work each muscle while focusing on the other.  Meaning that muscles get fatigued more quickly.  Each technique is great and I like to mix it up from time to time this way it confuses the body and the muscles to achieve greater results.

-Pull ups 3 sets of 10 (assisted because I am not that bad ass)  LOL
-Super set with decline oblique crunch 3 sets of 18

I obtained the photo of decline obliques below from www.menshealthsite.net

-Curls 3 sets of 10 increasing weight w/each set beginning with 10 lbs.
-Super set this with spidey

-Decline Dumbbell Fly 3 sets of 10 increasing weight beginning with 5lbs - this one is GREAT for the lower chest muscle that really creates that lift that we are going for.
-Super set with stability ball pike 3 sets of 12

-Cable Biceps Curls 3 sets of 10
-Super set with stability ball knee tuck 3 sets of 12

-Cable Chest Fly 3 sets of 10 increasing weight on 2nd set and remaining same on 3rd- cuz I am weak since I have been out of the gym a few weeks.
-Super set with spidey 3 more sets of 16

I cut today short, only doing 2 chest exercises instead of 3 but I felt great and I can still feel it.  You will probably notice that there are abs throughout the entire workout.  The core is the foundation of the body and it is imperative to strengthen it.  This is not only the abs, but also the back muscles.  You cannot strengthen one and not the other as this can create imbalances.  In turn, creates problems and even injury.

Tell me what you think about this workout!  If you're a girl, do you work chest?  Why or why not?  I love your comments ;)

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