Jan 20, 2014

Snowboarding and SugarLips

...This blog is about snowboarding and Sugar Lips.....hmmmmm....what a combo?  I LOVE snowboarding and I guess sugar lips are OK too but it is not actually sugar on lips that I am referring to.  You will see what I mean  below.  I have not figured out how the veteran bloggers are able to work, write, go to the gym (or whatever form of working out they do), juggle friends, family and other events... not to mention kids and other errands.  I do not have kids but I have not found a happy medium to keep my content fabulous while living a fabulous, healthy life.

Anyway, all that to say I have not blogged for a while because I was on vacation.  We went snowboarding at Copper Mt., CO which was uh-maze-eeng!!!  I absolutely loved it and I was too busy having fun to write anything while I was there but I definitely took tons of pics.

Before we left I was feeling run down, like I was maybe getting sick but I haven't been sick in about 2 yrs or so.  So I figured being Super Woman and all that I would be OK but I went to the doc anyway.  She said it appears as though I was getting a sinus infection but she could not really tell because I had been using Afrin the last few days.  PS, Afrin is a terrible choice and I am TOTALLY against it but I am FOR breathing so I opted for breathing and used it for a few days.  Of course the doc said stop using it and that I would probably have to ween myself off...... glad to hear.....(insert me breathing heavy and unable to breath through my nose) and that she did not want to prescribe antibiotics in case the sinuses were just inflamed from the Afrin but to come back if the symptoms worsen over the next 72 hours. Well, I was going to be on a plane in 72 hrs so I would just figure it out.  I kept taking Spirulina to boost my immune system, as well as allergy crap and other immune boosting supps.  I call it crap because I do not like to take anything, even over the counter stuff, so I keep it as natural as possible.

We arrive in Denver last Friday and our friend picks us up, we go to their house, catch up, go out for dinner, and have a couple drinks.  Which turn into a few drinks, then we go out and have a couple more.  We had a much longer night than planned so Saturday was a movie day which was really cool because they have a theater in their basement.  I was not doing much but my brain was not functioning for blogs either.  LOL

Fast forward to Sunday when we head out to Copper Mt.  It had been snowing since Wednesday or Thursday and was still coming.  Wahoo!!  Nothing like great powder!  You can see it in this mini video... don't mind my loud breathing.... (holy moly I sound out of breath!)

We get in a great day of boarding and a bit of Fireball in the flask.  Copper Mt. has such a great mini community for the skiers and snowboarders and I just love the festive decorations on the trees that were heavily covered in snow!

I am not sure what it is about that big chair but I just love it!  I want to play in it just like a little kid... but I did not want to brush away the snow (because I would get colder) so I just stood in it.

Our friend told us about Sugar Lips where you can get mini doughnuts.  My bf is a sugar/doughnut junky.... I am working on that sugar problem but perfection takes a while.... so we go and check it out.  It is in a cute little shop and they make their own doughnuts right there in front of us.  I was truly amazed!!
Sugar Lips

So we shared some mini doughnuts which were de-lish!  But definitely something I will not be eating on a daily basis!

Lots of physical activity to make up for it.  Here's a clip of me doing a mini lift and then a crash.... just a little crash.  hehee

As for getting sick, yep, it happened.  I got sick but I did not want that to ruin our trip so I acted like I would have in my early 20s.  I drank.  Yes, I sipped my flask at 9AM.  It felt a bit strange because it is way to early for me to drank at that time of day.  Especially since I rarely drink anyway!  A sip turned into another sip and another.  That, combined with the altitude, made for a short day.    Well, I tried.  There went my efforts in practicing my jumps.  Gotta have the lifts first, then the jumps.  Oh well, next trip.  The rest of the trip was great and we came home the following Friday without any scratches, bumps or bruises.  

There will definitely be a lot more snowboarding this season and even though Sugar Lips was awesome, I am going to try to limit that to once every 2 yrs or so!

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