Jan 5, 2014

Humble and Inspirational.....Not Offensive

I am human, I am not perfect (I have mentioned that a time or two in other blogs) and I strive to be humble while being inspirational.  I have made mistakes….. probably more to come but I don’t do it on purpose and try to keep mistakes to a minimum. Point being, I fluctuate in weight just like many other people.  Matter of fact, I struggle with it like many others do.  I have managed to keep it within a specific window – meaning I do not fluctuate 30-50 lbs.  I know that some people do not think 5-10 lbs is a big deal and that I am just being stupid or vain.  It is not about being vain.  It is that 5 lbs on a person my size is highly visible and my clothes do not fit.  Literally, my butt does not fit in my pants and I have to tighten my belt a little tighter to keep it from showing.  Ewwww…. Who wants to see butt crack?!!  Guess what else?  My knees hurt and I do not need to add to that.

I am new to blogging so I figured I would talk about some things I have seen on the internet.  Namingly, things that others tend to dislike.  I should hope that my intentions are not viewed as inappropriate but, in life, there will always be someone who does not like you, your views or your work so I am writing this, in advance, to say my intentions are good because I am sure this above listed situation could happen to me too.

Inspiration is still possible from people who struggle.  I want to be able to inspire others, despite the fact that I am always on my own journey to keep eating at bay.  I think that is what makes my stories inspirational.  Who wants to hear from someone who has no trouble with eating?  I guess it is OK to hear from them but there is no learning material.  I have a couple skinny friends who never stress eat.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I have periods of time that I do it and periods of time that I have it under control.  This is the stuff I want to share with everyone.  I want to share the positive experiences that have worked. 

In my post, Keeping it Real, I talked about the crap I ate and the weight I gained as a result.  My next post was about how excited I was that I got it off but guess what?  I have not been working out, like I usually do, which means my muscle content has decreased.  (I have a long time neck injury that gets aggravated)  This explains why I weigh the same but my pants are still tight and my fitted shirts do not look great so I wear the baggier ones.  I was excited to have gotten the couple pounds off but I started noticing my pants still do not fit quite right. 

Over the last couple weeks I have been busy with work, life and the holidays.  Admittedly, I have drunk a few times and we all know what happens when we drink…. We gain weight, especially when we are not working out.  I usually counter act higher calories meals (and drinks) with more workouts.  I either lift harder or incorporate some cardio. I have not been doing either of this, well, if you count 1-2 days per week then I guess I have.

I am writing this post because I am a normal person.  I am not a robot, machine or super woman (although I would like to be super woman!) and I take the same roads as you.  I have been ridiculed on a couple different levels; one of them being that my struggles are not worthy of being inspiration for individuals trying to lose weight because I am already within the “healthy” range.  One was that I did not need to lose 100 or more lbs so my story is not significant.  Another was that my food addiction also was not worthy because I did not gain 50 lbs or more when food was my addiction.  (I have had several addictions)  I feel like we have gotten out of control with what is acceptable weight gain and this is why health risks have sky rocketed. 

At work we do a health screening every year which allows us a discount on health insurance if we participate.  Everyone talks about how ridiculous it is to be considered obese if they are only 30 lbs overweight.  30 lbs can be carried well and usually looks fine on people but the point of this is not appearance but rather health.  We have a tendency to minimize the seriousness of 30 lbs because most people can still be healthy in that range. 

Realistically, 30 lbs creeps up to 35 lbs and that to 45 lbs and so forth.  As a nation, there are more and more overweight and obese people than ever before.  I was looking at pictures from my grandparents’ generation and the older people were about 30 lbs overweight.  Remember when that was considered “fat”?  Now, it is totally disregarded because we are used to seeing that and more.  Not to mention “fat” is offensive and it hurts people’s feelings so it is appropriate to avoid using that word to refer to others. 

I NEVER want to offend anybody and am always afraid that I may be attempting to convey a point that comes across offensive.  I am extremely passionate about decreasing the health risks associated with being overweight.  My heart breaks when I hear of illnesses and deaths that are weight induced.  I also know the emotional trials that people go through in relation to their weight.  Others can be mean and ruthless toward overweight people.  I want to take part in reducing those incidences.

I know people get offended no matter how delicately a message is worded.  Remember, I was a weight loss consultant and we were highly trained on avoiding hurting anyone’s feelings and being extremely sensitive to people’s emotions.  We were taught to be aware that no matter what, something can be taken in a way it is not meant.   That is why I am writing this today.  In our efforts to avoid hurting people’s feelings we have lost track of what is really important.  That is our health.  It is definitely important to love ourselves and the self-esteem of everyone is crucial but we should focus more on being healthy rather than embracing the fact we are gaining more and more weight. 

I was reading a blog written by Blogilates that was taken as offensive, by many readers, but her point was that she cares.  It made me think of my own recent thoughts.  We all love to help and inspire each other and we all know that weight loss is a struggle.  My goal is to inspire others to lose weight and keep it off.  It is to make healthy food choices and incorporate physical activity, which is good for your heart as well.  At home, I focus on limiting the carcinogenic things I put into my body (this is another topic I am passionate about as my mom had cancer) because cancer rates are rapidly increasing as well.  So I get organic items – not all because it does tend to be a bit more expensive and I use products w/out parabens when possible.  I do things where I can and if you want me to share those ideas, let me know for another blog post.

Our focus is on being politically correct and avoiding offending people-which we should do- but sometimes the real messages get lost in translation.  Remember, asking “what’s your excuse?” is everywhere, saying “no excuses” is everywhere, saying “make time” is everywhere.  Why?  Why are these sayings everywhere?  I asked my Facebook fans if they want motivation sugar coated, straight forward or tough love.  Most of them said tough love.  That is probably why there are inspirational quotes that offend people.  The purpose: inspire, not offend. 

I share info to give others motivation, inspiration and hope, if healthy change is what they are looking for.  For those not looking or needing to make healthy changes then they will not need or want to read any of my posts or blogs.  This comes in the form of weight loss tips, healthy eating choices and potentially harmful food choices.  I do not want or need to toot my own horn, I get self-conscious just like anybody else and despite that, I want others to live happier, healthier lives.  I care about the well-being of others!

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