Jan 30, 2014

Dad, Guns, Soup and Hair

My bf & I went to my dad's house to hang out & have lunch.  My dad is, and always has been, into guns, shooting and outdoor stuff.  I know a lot of peeps do not agree with guns but today's topic is not whether I agree or disagree.  It is about this really cool rifle he has.  It is cool because it has a really long barrel which is uncommon so I was fascinated by it.

It reminds me of something that might be seen on an old Western movie.  I just picture the cowboys at a saloon walking around with their guns on their hips and horses.  I like history but I am glad I did not live back then!

We went to lunch.  My dad and bf were bantering back and forth with each other and my dad told my bf not to punch him cuz he'll just shoot him.  It was pretty funny catching the moment.  

I ordered the Singapore soup which had meat, all kinds of veggies & some noodles.  I thought it was a great choice because of the broth and vegetables and once it came out I was glad I did.  It is difficult to order something that will also be low calorie.  Many restaurants and fast food places load the foods up with salt so bloating occurs not to mention that too much sodium can be bad for your health.  The bowl was huge so I had a ton leftover.

My fortune tells me to look forward to great fortune.  I'M READY!!!!  LOL.  The new lease on life....hmmmmmm...... I wonder what could possibly happen?  I already figured out the law of attraction, overcame anxiety without the use of meds and I live a great life.  

I really appreciate all that I have.  I will admit, I am always setting new goals once I conquer previous ones.  That is the best way to continuing growing and never be stale.  Maybe that is the adrenaline junkie in me..... although, I do not want to sky dive anymore.  Something about breaking my arm cliff jumping changed my mind about that.

Truth is, I have plenty more goals set and I am constantly working on them.  Before and after work, during lunch..... whew.... I have to remind myself to have a good balance and still incorporate friend time.  That would be awesome for my fortune to come true!  If only it were a true prediction  ;)

The other 2 fortunes were rather wise as well.  I will say that I have learned an awful lot through failure.  Sometimes it really knocks me down or frustrates me but that is what makes victory so much sweeter.  It is also what makes my accomplishments even more appreciated.  I have learned more over the last year than I did earning a 4 yr. degree.

Education is important and all I am saying is that I have learned some extremely awesome things about social media, social marketing and being a business owner.  I have paid for some of the education but it was MUCH cheaper than my degree!

This weekend I decided to change my hair color to black.  I have had it that color before and I thought it would be cool to see my long hair black.  I have not had long hair since high school and have never had long black hair.  I used to color my hair when it was short but with it being long it was much messier than before.

After I cleaned up the mess I did not really like the way it looked being long.

So I went and got it cut.  I am not going to lie, I am not great at styling it unless it is short but change is good so here we go.  Also, I have been researching about the formaldehyde in all our household products for a blog I am writing so I am not making healthy choices by coloring my hair.  Considering the harsh chemicals in it are not good for us.  That is why pregnant women are not supposed to color their hair but our adult bodies can handle small amounts of toxins/poisons.  It makes me want to research any known issues with the brain as a result of (or link to) hair color.

See, even blogs about dads, guns, soup and hair can be about health!  Do you color your hair?  Do you think hair color is a big deal or should pregnant women be OK to color their hair?


  1. Good lord that soup looks delicious. You have gorgeous eyes too!

    PS: Yes, I prep my breakfast. The eggs aren't bad reheated because I cook them with f/f cottege cheese, spinach, and feta. :) xoxoxo

    1. Thank you!

      OMG! The soup was amazing! I am going to try adding cottage cheese to the egg muffins and see how I like that reheated.