Jan 29, 2014

5 Minute Workout with Max

Here's an example of a 5 minute workout with Max.  On my Facebook page I asked 'how long do you think it will take to complete 30 crunches, 30 jump squats, 15 shoulder presses, 15 front shoulder raises and 15 lunges each leg.'  Someone posted they thought it would take 10 minutes so I did a demo to see how long it actually takes.

I mentioned in a previous blog I have not been feeling well so I have not worked out.  In the video I said it had been a couple weeks but I think it has really been more like 3 weeks, close to 4.  On one hand it bothers me that I have been out of the gym for so long but I also realize the body needs time to heal and be well.  Pushing it to the extreme only creates longer down time.  This is not where the term "No pain no gain" should be used.

I am taking this opportunity to begin over again and work my way back to being able to exercise without being totally out of breath.  You will see in the video how out of breath I am.  It was a struggle but it only took about 5 minutes and I did it while I was making breakfast.  I also did it with interference from Max!  It was pretty funny cuz he just loves me!  And, of course, I love him.  Although, he knows better than to jump on people so I am disappointed that he took advantage of camera time to break the rules!  I am sure you can all relate if you have pets or kids... there's not really such a thing as being able to do your #workout without distraction from kids and/or pets.

Actually, this video was supposed to be a test video for myself since I did not like the lighting but once Max became the star of the show I had to share it.

Take a 10 second break in between each exercise that you do.  There are only 4 exercises and they work!  If Max and I can do a 5 minute workout so can you!

Is this something you can commit to?  Post your comments below.

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  1. This was too funny, made me laugh so hard....I cried.

  2. Max just loves working out with me! It is great for play time -except when I am creating a video :)