Dec 16, 2013

Stupid Anxiety.... Again

I have learned how to overcome anxiety without medication and I was soooo excited to have figured it out.  There are so many people who have anxiety and take medication to help control it.  But I do not want to take meds which means I had to figure it out and I did.

But.........yes,....... "but", I got so excited about overcoming it that I stopped practicing the methods that helped me get rid of.  It is kinda like outta sight outta mind.  I did not have it anymore so I stopped meditating.  I was still going to the gym, listening to music and talking to friends/loved ones but meditating is the HUGE piece of the puzzle that I was missing.

A few days ago I woke up with anxiety.  Woke up with it....weird.  All I had been doing was sleeping so what in the world would cause me to WAKE UP with it???!!!  I know most of us do not understand it because it just does not make sense to get anxiety just because I was sleeping.  Usually anxiety comes from situations that are unpleasant and then the repeat of it.  Plus stress and life in general are all causes- but sleep?

I have talked to many other people that suffer from anxiety and they have all experienced this as well.  Some of them even wake up in the middle of the night with the rapid heart beat associated with anxiety.  Isn't it so strange that the body does this?

Anyway, I have had anxiety most of last week and got back into meditating.  Most of the time when I talk to others about meditating, they say they do not meditate because they do not know how.  I used to think it was for weirdos so I am sure that some people think I am weird.  (maybe I am a little! haha)  The basic point of it is tapping into the subconscious mind.  We all know that what we think is what we get so we have to turn  our mind onto "auto-suggestion" by putting into it what we want to get out of it.

I know that none of us ever put into our mind that we want anxiety.  It is just a by-product of stress.  Our body and brain work synergistic with one another and, unfortunately, the signals get mixed up by telling the body it needs shots of adrenaline all the time when it really does not.

One example of this is I have noticed, is that when I am moving quickly to get ready for work in the morning, my heart rate speeds up - it does that when we try to hurry.  The problem is the body is confused because it has been sending adrenaline to the body on a regular basis.  I do not need adrenaline to keep pumping through my body after I am ready .... but that is what makes it anxiety.  It does not allow me to make that choice.  It just keeps going after I am ready and driving to work.  Maybe I should get ready a little earlier so I am not in a hurry!  So then I get to spend the whole day sick to my stomach from stupid anxiety.

Once I realized I was having anxiety again I thought, "what the hell??!!"  This is bull shit!!!  I am tired of stupid anxiety.  Stupid. Anxiety.  It reminded me of a book I read about the power of a positive attitude.  The author wrote that someone had said he must be positive all the time.  To which he answered, "No, I have to work at it".  He even stated that he used to have a poor attitude which is what prompted him to make some changes to pursue a positive attitude.  I am paraphrasing because I cannot quite remember the exact verbiage but the point is that his positive attitude was something he had to work towards.  And so is overcoming anxiety.

Well, I went back to meditating every day.  Morning and night.  Just a few minutes, nothing crazy.  I do not have time for long amounts of meditating.  Ideally, it should be 15 minutes increments and the first few times doing it again I did spend 15 minutes each session.  (I call it session like I was with a professional but it was just me)

During these times I focused on what I wanted in my life.  Which was to be free of anxiety and this is exactly how I word it.  This way there are no negative words such as "I don't want" or "I want to get rid of" (don't and rid are the negative words).  I focused on breathing and with each breath in I would literally breathe in patience and positive influences.  Each breath out I would literally exhale anxiety and any possible negativity.
I asked the universe to bring me peace and calmness.  I never thought in a million years that I would be asking the universe for anything.  I used to think that was just nonsense except that it really works so what I used to think does not matter anymore!  What I was doing was using the power of my subconscious to literally override what my body was doing.

It is quite amazing the way the mind works and I get so excited when I practice these little steps and get what I want from life.  The big one is being free of anxiety!

Have any of you tried meditating?  Does it work for you?  What do you do to overcome anxiety?

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