Dec 14, 2013

Snowboarding Day Trip... or Day Drinking Trip?

My bf & I went snowboarding yesterday.  It was fun, I love boarding but there was not a whole lot of snow so hopefully there will be more soon.
The really cool thing about living in AZ is that even tho it is desert, we can still enjoy winter sports.  It is only a couple hour drive and there you are!

You can see there is still a lot of area with no snow.  As we drove up I was nervous at how little snow was on the ground but there was enough to snowboard and have fun.

The other cool thing is that there were hardly any people so the lines were short, if any at all.  Which I love.  And it also means no worrying about amateur hour.  I know everyone has to start somewhere but the bunny hill is the appropriate place for that  :)

The only problem for me was that my knee(s) have been hurting the last couple days so the first couple of runs were rough.  Good news, we stopped at the lodge to help get the muscles and joints going.  Honestly, probably not the smartest choice but if you love sports and being active then you know exactly where I am coming from.

Bottoms up!!!  LOL

  After a couple shots of Fireball I did not feel any pain and I figured if it is going to hurt anyway, I may as well temporarily mask it so I can have fun.  No harm no foul.  I am usually very careful not to be that way because knees can be serious but I do not have any torn ligaments/tendons/etc.  Mine is deterioration of the patella (knee) and I have been working to strengthen my knees which can reverse the damage.  Doctors say strengthening is not a guarantee but it can help.  It seems to have been helping over the last few years so I am going with it!

So we are having a great time & I think it would be awesome to take out my camera & record my bf coming down the mountain.  It is always cool to see yourself in pics/videos so I thought he would like it.  Well, apparently the altitude and the Fireball made it so my video-taking-skills were somewhat less than good. hahaa.  I end up totally missing him coming down the mountain & barely get  a shot of him as he is done.

Then I think it will be genius to video myself coming down the mountain.  There I was, thinking I was pretty awesome for boarding AND holding the camera, and guess what?  My dumb ass missed the whole thing!!!  I have no idea how I did it but when I went to watch the video all there was was a quick shot of the snow, then it goes to my face.  Like I was turning it off or something  -and then it's off.  WTH??!!!

Oh well, I will have to be a super hero next time.  I just need to remember the altitude really increases the alcohol effect!

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