Dec 5, 2013

Rant about Unkind Peeps

The day before yesterday I had a highly unpleasant experience with a person who was extremely nasty.  My work has a strict social media policy so I cannot say where it is but I will tell you the person who called was very rude, unprofessional and treats others in a manner that is highly uncalled for.  (others have told me about their experience with the person as well)

I have been noticing that many people have been acting this way toward others for a while now.  It seems like if someone is slightly irritated they take it out on everyone.  This is not the way we should treat each other.  We all have our own issues but should still treat others with kindness - - the way we would want/expect to be treated.

There is no need to raise your voice, say nasty things, belittle a company rep or any other ugly thing.  Speaking in a regular conversation can still resolve any concern you may have and then you aren't being crappy to the other person.  Not to mention, it will probably help keep your own blood pressure and anxiety levels at bay!!  Win win for everyone!

Good news, it did not ruin my day because I choose not to take my bad experience out on anyone else :)

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