Dec 18, 2013

Keepin' it Real

I am human and am not close to perfect so I am gonna keep it real.  A coupe weeks ago I was PMSing (sorry if you are a guy reading that-but it is not that bad) so I craved chocolate.  Years ago I never used to crave anything.  Well, maybe salt but now I crave all kinds of garbage.  My favorite is chocolate and peanut butter.

I am not a huge sweets, junk food kind of person but I am just like the next person and when the time comes to have cravings - they are definitely there.  Anyway, I pick up some nuts and dark chocolate with small peanut butter/chocolate pieces in it.  I did not get a lot, it was just from the bin at Sprouts where you can pick your own serving size.  I just enough to last a few days and to share.  I know that probably sounds a bit out of control when I say 'just enough to last a few days and to share'.  I am generally pretty good with watching portions -especially on cheats.  Not that I really planned on eating it for a few days because what usually happens is I will have a little bit then my bf has the rest.  Fine by me.  Then I get a little of what I want without the little extra calories (or a lot extra).

Around this time I also had anxiety a few days in a row so I ended up losing a pound.  I figured having a little chocolate, pb & nuts would be fine since I had lost a pound.  Then we went to dinner at Pei Wei, where it is salty, and my bf had not eaten all the chocolate/pb mix so I had a little more the next day.  And the next day.  Anyway, the pound I lost went away and I added 2 to it.

The point of today's blog is to share the fact that sometimes shit happens and when it does, just overcome it.  Ya, I am not happy about it but I also know why/how it happened.  The next step is to correct it.  I had more calories than my body needed so now I need to eat a little less than my body needs.  Or work a little harder in the gym.  I vote for the latter because I really don't like eating less!  Matter of fact, I began lifting heavier so I could eat more.  Because I love eating.

Oh ya, I just remembered I also had a DQ pumpkin pie blizzard.  I have one every year around the holidays.  I plan to have one every year and I am totally fine with it.  I even think one year I had a couple but I think the combo of all of it so close to each other was no good.  The garbage has to be spread out.  I should not have had many high fat/high salt foods within a couple day span.  But it is ok.  It is not the end of the world and my next blog is going to be about how to watch portions during the Christmas holiday.  I suppose I should have applied that to myself while I was PMSing!!  LOL

My co-workers are usually rather astonished if they see me eat a cookie or something because I rarely do it.  They all see the meals I bring every day for the whole day.  Meal prep, it is time consuming but so worth it and if I have anything outside wholesome and nutritious, they freak out!  Well, I am over-exaggerating a bit.  They do not freak out but they do get surprised.

While I usually do not have treats like candy, ice-cream or any other sugary stuff, I do sometimes.  And it is damn good!  (Keepin' it real)  Normally when I do have junk I watch it and do not get crazy but this time I got crazy and now I am paying for it.  The real issue is that Christmas is around the corner and we have 2 houses to go to.  One on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day.  We all know that there are loads of good things to have.  Foods that we do not usually have on a regular basis so it is a special treat.

With that being said I guess I better get my butt to the gym!!  This reminds me of how serious I used to be about the gym.  Not that I am not serious anymore, I am still serious.  It is just that I used to be so serious that I went 5-6 days a week.  It was more on the 6 day side of things.  I was extremely vigorous and now I do not have enough time to go that many days per week.  I found a pic of when I was rather vigorous.

Here is a pic of my friend and I one night probably about 10 years ago and here is a pic of me a couple months ago:

I strive to stay in shape but no longer have time to go 6 days a week.  Sometimes it is only 4 days a week but that is because I am working on bigger things.  Once I have all that settled, I will be back to 5 days a week ALL the time....who knows, maybe 6!  I absolutely love the gym and I make time to go as it is.  I cannot wait until I can get back to being able to go as much as I want.  All in due time :)

There it is.  My confession about the junk food - just Keepin' it Real!  Tell me your real stories?  Are you mostly healthy or mostly junk foody?

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