Dec 7, 2013

Holiday Weight Gain

You know you have seen peeps laughing it up about holiday weight gain.  Joking about going up a pants size but you and I both know damn well that after the holiday is over and you are ACTUALLY wearing a bigger size pant, it won't be so funny anymore.

I know this to be true as I had many clients tell me that they wanted to 'enjoy' their holiday.  What is the holiday really about?  For me, Christmas is about family.  It is about the joy of the spirit.  It is about spending time with one another.  It is about being a little bit nicer... even if I don't want to.  And, yes, it is even about enjoying foods I do not eat on a regular basis.  But the highlight is and should  not be about food.

Really, going up a pants size is not funny.  It is unhealthy and this statement is not intended to make anyone feel guilty.  It is intended to be real.  Our health is not a joke and we seem to overlook that when it comes to foods we want to eat.  Especially around the holidays.  It is like we give ourselves permission to check out of acknowledging our health.  Why?  To eat abundant amounts of good food?  To gain weight?  Is your health really worth it?

I am not a Grinch or a scrooge about Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) but the reality is that we use food in ways we should not.  I definitely participate in indulgence but I do it in moderation.  So the purpose of all I am saying today is to remind everyone you can do the same.  You can still enjoy yourself without damaging your health.

Weight used to be viewed as vanity.  So a little weight gain here or there was only an issue for vanity but now that we know how much risk we really put ourselves in, it is no longer a matter of vanity at all.  People are no longer 5-10 lbs overweight.  It is more like 50-100 lbs and more overweight.  This means that health risks are heavily involved.  (like it or not)

With the holidays here, now, it is important to practice a few key pieces of moderation in order to avoid actually going up a pants size.  A couple months ago my grandma talked about her going on vacation and eating 'whatever she wanted' because that is what most people tend to do.  Maybe because it is a special treat to be on vaca.... maybe it is to have foods of a different culture.  Whatever the reason is, why do we have to go crazy and gain large amounts of weight?  We HAVE to eat so wouldn't it be wise to eat what our body needs rather than more?  Or to be aware when something has more calories so we do not consume more calories in a day than what we need?

We view holidays and vacations as a free for all and weight gain happens.  Then another event would come up and weight gain happens again.... and again.... and so forth.  My clients used to stop coming during the holidays to avoid accountability.  Holiday weight gain can be controlled even avoided.  And you (and I) can still taste the things we love most.

I will blog about tips on what to do to avoid excessive weight gain.  I did a little demo on Thanksgiving to show how possible it is to avoid going up a pants size... or even on the scale.  View the scale pics on my fit page:

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