Dec 2, 2013

Counting Calories

I just posted an article to my Facebook fan page at: and it is about counting calories.  I know that some people absolutely, positively do not want to count calories.  Some programs, like Weight Watchers, pride themselves on not counting calories.  Instead, they use a points system but you are still counting.  For some reason, people who participate in this program find it easier to count points rather than count calories and I am unclear on this because counting is counting.

I have noticed that people who are on a weight loss journey do a lot better if they are keeping track of what they are consuming.   They do this by using a food diary and use that to do a calorie count.  On the other hand, those who do not keep track are less successful.  As a former consultant, I can say that it was due to failure to remember the little things such as a couple M & M's, some nuts or a handful of gold fish here or there.  Moms have a tenancy to eat the last couple of bites left on their kids' plate and people who work in offices may have a lot of food items brought in.

The same people may have a meal at the end of the day that they know is a bit too creamy, cheesy or saucy and justify it because they have been "good" all day.  When, in reality, they forgot about the little munchies throughout the day and by the end of the week they have lost little to none.

Using a food diary is a great way to get started  keeping track of what you are eating.  You can use this as the basis for your calorie count.  I know keeping track is not desirable for some but it will bring an awareness you did not have previously.  It will shed some light on areas where you are doing well and areas that could use improvement.  If you would like to read the article I posted, click here:

Eventually, you will already know what is in most foods (especially ones you commonly eat) because you have already read the labels and been practicing calorie counting.  At that point, you will probably have lost the weight you wanted to lose and will no longer need to count.

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