Dec 31, 2013

Christmas Stories

I know I am a few days late sharing my Christmas story but, like many others, I was busy spending time with family over the holiday and then returned to work the rest of the week.  Saturday was nice weather so we went riding and, for some reason, I cannot remember what I did on Sunday.  Oh well.... it will probably come to me later in this blog.

Anyway, Christmas Eve started at my grandma's house which has been a family tradition since I was a baby- or longer.  The morning started out like this:

This pic was my effort to be a good example for my Facebook friends (and other friends included) and a way to hold myself accountable in reference to holiday gorging.  I have experienced holidays where I get so stuffed that I am in serious misery..... why do I do that to myself?  It does not make sense because the amount of time the deliciousness lasts on my taste buds is FAR FAR shorter than the period of time I spend paying for over-eating!!!  I know that eating like a normal human being is possible so I wanted to prove it to myself by sharing with others that it can be done.  My heart was in the right place ;)

I noticed the camera  pic is blurry and I am not sure why because I have not taken any pics lately.  Besides, I am not techy so I do not mess with the settings.  Messing with stuff usually ends up messing it up so I do not know what happened.  Anyway, my family is not very good with taking pics and I want to change that.  I don't have many pics of my mom and I wish I had tons so I grab my camera at the last minute, stuff it in my purse and walk out the door.  My camera is water proof, dust proof and shock resistant so it is rather heavy and probably why I don't bring it with me a lot.

My bf & me:

My brother and me:

We get to my grandma's house and I am starving.  Hungry to the point where I have a headache... and maybe even some crankiness coming on but I was in a good mood so there was no crankiness :)  I have some appetizers which, by the way, do not consist of vegetables.  Maybe I should start a tradition of bringing some because there have  never been any.  There were bagel bites, chips and salsa and artichoke dip with garlic bread.  Chips and salsa being the best choice for me because I like small chips with tons of salsa- I guess that is where the veggie is.  I also have about a tablespoon of artichoke dip with a small piece of garlic bread and the top of a bagel bite. 

I begin eating and my grandma announces she has a surprise for all of us.  She pulls out a folder and says "Remember last year when you asked me to tell some stories about my life?  I have been doing that over the last year and here it is".  How cool!!!  She was born in 1939 and the way of life was so different then that it is really cool to hear the stories and I am super excited I brought my camera and I pull it out to take some video which ended up being about 36 minutes long so I did not post it here but have it for great memories to come.  

Pics with  my grandma:

She told a story about my grandpa being drafted and riding in the back of one of the trucks where he fell asleep and fell off.  I giggled a little bit because I knew he was OK but I pictured a comedy with a someone falling off the back of a truck while on a mission.  Then she says the truck behind theirs hit him and I felt like a jerk for giggling.  Come to find out, that is how his back injury occurred.  I did not even know he had a back injury.  

Anyway, family stuff is great but back to the food!  For dinner we had lasagna, Italian sausage with peppers & onions, meatballs and garlic bread.... oh ya, and black olives.  We used to always have a relish tray that never had much success except for the black olives so she keeps those and ditched the rest.  I do not ever remember having a salad... maybe it was there growing up & nobody ate it?  Again, new family tradition?

My fav is the sausage & peppers so I have some of that with a big of the lasagna & meatballs... plus extra sauce.  No garlic bread for me cuz I need to save room for the stuff I luv.  I keep the portions small and have seconds with an even smaller portion.  I drank a ton of water all day so this is what I woke up to the next day:

See how the pic is much clearer?  Someone got the camera situated at the end of the day....and it was not me... woohoo!  This shot features the morning after Christmas Eve dinner, a small piece of cheesecake for desert (my grandma gets the small cheesecakes which I luv) and some leftover lasagna n meatballs a few hours later.  Not too bad but it is definitely a gain.

Next day was Christmas day and we went to J's family's house where they  had the traditional turkey and everything else you can think of including cabbage rolls.  I kept everything to a minimum there as well but there was a lot more to choose from as his family gatherings are much bigger and everyone likes to bring their favorite dishes.  I was too disappointed the next day to take a pic but I'll just tell you, it said 129.2.  Overall, not bad but my pants were tight and I do not feel the same when the numbers go up.

I prefer to avoid dwelling, so onto merrier things like a few featured gifts.  A funny one from my gma.  Because she knows how much I love fitness. 

This lotion because it literally smells good enough to eat.  It smells kinda like a lemon frosting - which I do not usually like but I could probably eat this lotion and like it!!  ha

I was super excited about this slice-o-matic because I have a huge food processor which requires a bit of assembly to use and really should be for larger events.  Which means I don't use it much, however, I am ALWAYS cutting/slicing/dicing SOMETHING for EVERY meal.  I just wanted something on a smaller scale which would be more convenient and I was so excited over this.  Until, dun dun dun, it gets hung up with every attempted slice.  It also means, it took twice as long to slice veggies for the veggie soup I made.  My bf was determined to get it to work and after 15 min. of trying I began hand chopping.  Yup, I finished more stuff in less time.  Not that it was a contest but I am disappointed it did not work and still had a job to get done.

This watch because I love the color!  A few days ago I saw a chunky bracelet, same color, and loved it.  I do not have a lot of colorful accessories so this is great.

Lots of eye shadow.... I am pretty simple but I love variety.

Crazy sox that I love wearing around the house.  I would never go in public wearing these but I love 'em when nobody can see them.

This year there was no holiday ham so I bought the smallest ham I could find which was still 7 lbs and we do not have kids so it's a lot of ham.  We froze it in portions to make ham & cabbage soup, ham & bean soup and I already made veggie soup with ham chunks in it.  It was pretty good but it was a concoction that I thought up so I did not take pics.  I will do that when I make it again.

Good news, I lost the weight I gained so drama series over!

How was your Christmas?  What were your favorite gifts?  I have friends who do not celebrate Christmas but they celebrate 'festivus' or other things.  If you are among them, what kinds of things do you do while others celebrate Christmas?

I have been lagging on my Facebook page lately but I will get back to it.  Check it out here:

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