Dec 10, 2013

Am I a Meany Know it All?

I was trying to log into this blog and Google listed a comment someone made about another person.  The person was talking to another blogger and I copy/pasted what it said: "I read her blog and she mentioned yours and the meany no it all! "  I could not see which blog the person was referring to but it made me wonder if anyone reads my blogs and thinks the same thing.  I tend to be straight forward and sometimes forget to gloss it up.

That is not an intention in any of my writings and I strive to be humble.  Actually, I have been hesitant to post any of the things I have about myself because I bare the personal and private thoughts I have had about myself.  So when I write the things I do, you can even hear the disgust I had in myself.  Maybe the disgust comes off as being mean but the disgust was with myself. 

Even though I do not like to admit that I have had low self-esteem as a young adult, the truth is I am human and it happened.  Sometimes it still happens if I feel like I am not living up to my own expectations.  By no means are my personal thoughts about myself directed to anybody else.  I am just sharing my personal feelings about me... not anyone else.  The reason I speak freely about MY experiences with health & fitness is so that the people who resonate with what I have gone through and learned from can identify with the fact that everyone struggles with this from time to time.  My hope is that my experiences may guide someone the direction they wish to go.

I have realized that writing can come across in a way that it is not intended and my intent is NEVER to be mean.  Sometimes I am blunt in reference to facts but I have found that sugar coating does not always deliver the fact the proper way.  I feel it is important for people to know the reality of how to accomplish their goals.  It may not be directly in line with their views but it is not intended to be mean.

I am very outgoing and friendly, with a little bit of attitude and A LOT of heart. I wish I were more funny but at least I make up for that by being energetic.  I care about what happens to others and I have a soft spot for those who are enduring their journey through weight loss.  My goal is to be motivational - not a know it all.  I get so excited to see someone succeed and reach their goals.  It makes me feel good if I can provide a tip that helps them.  I also recognize that my tips are just that.  Tips.  The real hero is the one who accomplishes their goals.

Maybe the info I provide appears as though I think I know it all but it is not meant that way.  I just like sharing what has worked for me and what I have seen work for others.  The fact is I have been studying and training in health & wellness for over 13 years now.  I am a nationally certified massage therapist, by no means do I 'know-it-all" but you could say I've done my homework, at least some of it. :)  LOL  I am no Dr. and I do not claim to be, so please know that my writings are meant to be informational and humble.

When I tell stories about myself it is so people can get to know a bit about my background, not to toot my own horn.  Matter of fact, there are things about my past that are embarrassing and I will share those in a future blog spot too.  

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Feel free to comment as to whether I am a meany know it all.  Yes, these are comments about someone else but it is a good opportunity for me to share where I come from with my writing.

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