Dec 1, 2013

About Me & Weight Loss -Shortened Version

My name is Tricia Coniglio and I have a passion for health and wellness.  I gained and lost weight in my twenties and have yo-yo'ed a little bit here and there.  By yo-yo, I do not mean a lot of weight - only about 10 pounds here and there.  Which does not sound like much, and I carried it pretty well, but for a person who is 5'4 it really makes a difference.

I wrote a blog, a couple months ago, about my weight loss journey and I will share it here because it gives a detailed explanation of the things I changed in my life in order to achieve my goal.  I went through the same things that everyone else goes through while trying to lose weight.  Such as the food does not taste good and it is hard to eat the right things, etc.

I stopped weighing myself and did not have a scale so I estimate I lost between 30-50 lbs which may not sound like much to those who want to lose more than that but that does not make it any easier.  It just means I reached the goal a little sooner because I did not have as far to go.  I have even had people say to me that it was not a big deal.  That is truly offensive because it implies that my hard work did not make a difference. I would never say such a thing to a person who lost 100 lbs just because they did not need to lose 200 lbs!  A pound is a pound.... whether it's 30 or 300.

I became a massage therapist and learned some truly amazing things.  The body is an amazing miracle!  I began learning more and more about the body, health and better ways to eat.  (when I was losing weight I bought/ate all the low fat/no fat versions of everything and learned later those products are unhealthy)

I began to learn what nutrients were good for allergies, vision, hair, energy, joints and the list goes on and on.  I also learned that what we put in the body can create illness or it can create health.  I chose health.

Later I got a job at Jenny Craig as a weight loss consultant and loved every minute of it!!  I was able to share my knowledge- plus what I learned about their program- with others to assist them in reaching their goals.  It was great and I still give ideas/tips when asked.  I try to avoid making suggestions unless someone asks .... nobody likes a know it all.

I would love to get to know like-minded people.  I like those who are enduring their weight loss journey as well as those who have already conquered it so leave comments and follow me - I will do the same.

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